Quigg vs Frampton Preview

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

Frampton vs Quigg preview

So it’s nearly time for the biggest fight of the year in the UK up to yet, even though it is early days. Carl Frampton from Northen Ireland travels to Manchester, England to attempt to unify the Super Bantamweight division. Scott Quigg, the WBA champion, is also trying to unify the division with the help of the support from his home town. However, Barry Mcguigen, Framptons manager and boxing hall of famer feels that there will be more Frampton support than Quigg support.

Its no secret that the opposing camps are not fond of eachother, made evident by Barry McGuigen calling Eddie Hearn an “arsehole”. Although some may agree , it doesn’t seem to bother Hearn as he blames his actions on the “banter juice” which he claimed to have 4 pints of. Must have gone to his head. Joe Gallaher has also become a targeted figure in the build up to this clash due to his apparent “arrogance”, which all of team Frampton have stated.

Anyway, back to the fight. It is well known how fit Scott Quigg is out of camp so I can only see him being in ridiculous condition come fight night. On the other hand Frampton has been billed as the naturally talented fighter in the build up but the important question is who will use their strengths better. How will Frampton fight? How will Quigg fight? It’s an intriguing match up to say the least and it has divided opinions within the boxing world.

In order for Quigg to win I feel that he needs to make Frampton work every minute of every round due to his fitness being better than the IBF champion’s. However he mustn’t become a busy fool, he must have purpose behind everything he does to dictate the fight and make Frampton do what he wants him to do. By keeping close to Frampton he will make it harder for Frampton to get the shots off which he likes and it will enable him to use his hooks to the body and head which are his best shots. I would get Quigg to throw low of jabs to the body early in the fight and then later in the fight he will be able to disguise a left hook to the head by feinting a jab to the body which was used successfully by Marcos Maidana in the Adrian Broner fight.

In order for Frapmton to win I think he needs to keep Quigg at range and take centre of the ring. This will enable him to use his classy boxing skills which he has in abundance but he mustn’t wait for Quigg to throw to counter, he must be the leader to break up Quigg’s work pace. His chin has been questionable in his career and therefore I think Frampton would not be in the best position when trading blows so he needs to hit and then get out of range by using his step back or by pivoting off to create angles for shots which will make him hard to hit as well as giving him time and chances to get his shots off.

I can see Quigg wearing him down with body shots and then taking Frampton out of there with a barrage of punches. I can also predict a very smug Eddie Hearn and Joe Gallagher after the fight in the interview but it doesn’t take a genius to predict that.

Both fighters can win the fight realistically and that is why it’s so intriguing. I’ll be there on February 27th at the Manchester Arena to see these warriors do what they do best. I’m more than excited to be writing the review on the 28th but until then, enjoy the fight!

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