Our article on today’s news on David Haye and how his press conference was Hi-jacked by a certain someone

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Today the former undisputed Cruiserweight world champion and the former WBA heavyweight champion of the world announced his second fight in 5 months as he revealed that he will be facing the unbeaten, but untested, Arnold ‘The Cobra’ Gjergjaj at the o2 arena on May 21st in front of 16,000 fans. 

The show will be promoted by Steve Goodwin so the undercard will be mainly his fighters. On topic of the undercard, one man that hopes to be fighting before David Haye on May 21st is the loud mouthed American, Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs. He stormed the press conference today in London and hurled insult after insult at Haye who took it quite well in all fairness. Briggs branded Gjergjaj as a ‘nobody’ and accused Haye of finding him in Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Original. Haye’s retaliation consisted of him ordering Briggs to pass a medical and brain scan first before he starts calling people out, hinting at the fact that the American has took too many punches and has become a touch senile which may explain his latest antics in the UK. 

Anyway, back to the main topic – HayeDay 2. David Haye got a lot of credit after announcing the fight but this credit had nothing to do with the unbeaten opponent. It was down to the fact that David will give 10% of the revenue from the show to Nick Blackwell who is still in an induced coma due to suffering a bleed on the head in his fight with Chris Eubank Jr this past Saturday. This money will go towards helping Nick out in retirement to maybe create his own business or to fund for his family whilst being out of work. A great gesture by David and the rest of the team behind HayeDay2. Our thoughts and prayers are still with Nick and his family, I’m sure he will pull through!

Haye’s opponent for his second fight back after a long lay off holds the second longest undefeated record in the heavyweight division, behind the current WBC world champion Deontay Wilder who will defend his belt against Alexander Povetkin in Russia on the same night as Haye vs Gjergjaj. 

Although this sounds impressive, ‘The Cobra’ has not fought any one as of yet to enable the fans to put him in their top heavyweights in the world. He has only ever fought out of Switzerland once, when he traveled to Hungary to beat Lazslow Toth by KO who’s record now stands at 21 (15)wins and 13 (12) losses. Not durable in the slightest.

I expect him to be completely out of his depth when he is in a ring with the likes of David Haye, who will be in great shape as usual. Gjergjaj on the other hand will not be, expect the 6 foot 5 inch man to be carrying a bit of excess weight at the weigh in and on fight night. I can only see this fight ending in an early KO for the Hayemaker but I pray to god that his next opponent is a big name to test him and show us where he is at with his comeback, is he better now or has he slowed? 

Haye is one of he most exiting British fighters to ever grace the ring and I talk highly of him, but he must look great on May 21st to avoid any critics against a C level opponent. Bombs Away.


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