My top 5 British World Champions could cause a few arguments 

Within the UK we currently have 10 world champions, 2 of them being unified champions (Frampton and Fury). Although they have all reached what some call the pinnacle within the sport, there is a lot of debate of who is the best world champion that we have.
I believe that the number one spot should go to the giant who dethroned a king in his own palace, Mr Tyson Fury. He beat Wladimir Klitschko with ease, he’s never tasted defeat, he’s got a heart of a lion, punches like a mule, can talk for days, entertaining, voice of an angel and is probably hung well. Anything else needed? I think not.

Number two spot is where it gets a bit tricky but based on who he has beat, how he looked in the victories and where he beat them, I’m going to have to go with Chunky – James Degale. The first ever British Olympic gold medalist to win a world title in the paid ranks, tasted defeat early in his career which he has learned massively from, beat Dirrell in his back yard to win the title in addition to scoring a heavy knock down on way to a decision win, defended his belt straight away by going to Canada to beat former undefeated world champion Lucian Bute in style and now looking to unify the division after his mandatory defence. Enough reasoning I think.

Now I know that I will receive a bit of stick for number three but it’s my opinion. Here, I’m putting the Special One, Kell Brook due to his great record, his power, fitness, boxing brain, toughness and his demolition jobs on his opponents ever since he snatched the title away from Shawn Porter in 2014. Now to say that his opponents have not been great is a bit of an understatement but 2 of them were mandatory challengers and Brook wouldn’t give up his world title that he worked so hard for. He did what a quality champion should be doing with them types of opponents, Knocking them out inside the distance and in style. Yes he could of picked a better opponent for his voluntary defence when he blew away Frankie Gavin but the performance on the night was spectacular and clinical and I believe that Kell Brook will beat Thurman, Bradley, Vargas, Porter, Pacquiao and any other fighter at 147lb but I do hope he moves up and takes the big fights at middleweight to prove his worth.

At number 4 is Lightening Lee Selby. The Welsh man has shined ever since coming in to the public eye with his confident approach which saw him detonate a huge uppercut on the unfortunate Stephen Smith. Ever since then Selby has had some tough fights but has looked good in almost all of them but one thing that he does lack is world class power which is why he isn’t above Brook. However his slick boxing skills makes up for this and he can certainly still pack a punch! He impressed me most when he outclassed Evgeny Gradovic who was the IBF fighter of the year at the time when he received an unbelievable boxing lesson from Selby. I rate Lee very highly but he didn’t impress me as much as I wanted him to in his last performance which is why he isn’t higher but I do think he has the potential to go on and unify the division and even move up in weights to win world titles. 

At number 5 is another unified champion who holds the IBF and the WBA super bantamweight titles, Carl ‘The Jackal’ Frampton. I feel that putting Carl at number 5 does him a great dis justice as he is an amazing fighter but I don’t think he is as slick and as fluent in the ring as Lee Selby. Carl has beat 2 world champions so far in Kiko Martinez and Scott Quigg and he looked great in doing so. I really do hope that he fights Rigonduex next as I believe that he has a big chance of beating the Cuban with the right game plan but I feel that money will be a big issue in this fight as Carl has more options that will reward him better than fighting Rigonduex. If Carl was to beat the tricky Cuban I would have to move him up to 3rd at least and maybe even 2nd due to the calibre of opponents that he has beat. More big fights to come for the Northern Irish man.

Just because other fighters like Crolla, Flanagan, Saunders, Smith and Haskins aren’t in my top 5 it doesn’t mean that I don’t rate them. It’s not because they are not bad, it is because that the top 5 that I have picked are really good. I believe that Flanagan beats every lightweight in the world but I don’t think he is one of the best British world champions. I believe that Saunders is an amazing boxer with great ability but I think that if he moved up in weight then Degale would school him. We are in such a good position now in Britain to have so many great British world champions that all have he potential to unify their division if they already haven’t. 

We are still yet to see if Anthony Joshua can become a world champion as well as Ricky Burns and Ashley Theophane. Exiting times.

My top 5 maybe be completely different to your top five or it might be really close, what ever it is please comment below – I want to see what everyone else thinks.


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