British Super Flyweight champ Kal Yafai speaks to TWBW exclusively and reveals all on the Paul Butler situation, amateur records, the best he’s sparred and lots more!

Kal Yafai is one of the world hottest prospects at the minute and is showing signs of improvement in every fight. His power is incredible and his ring generalship is to be admired so we were very keen to catch up with the Birmingham man. Here’s how it went down:
TWBW: Everyone would love to see you and former world champion Paul Butler to square off in the ring but it is yet to be made. What is the main reason for this not happening?

Kal: And so would I! From my side, we were keen for this fight to happen but I guess you would have to ask Paul Butler the reason why this fight can’t be made because we were ready to go last year!

TWBW: You are highly rated in the British boxing community but your profile isn’t highly known in other countries as of yet. Would you prefer to fight abroad more to build your reputation or carry on fighting in the UK where you have the home advantage?

Kal: I want to build my profile here in the UK and become a big name. It’s harder for the lighter weights but that’s why I have to stand out and look a million dollars every time I get under those lights. I can’t afford to have bad performances or to be in boring fights. Once I do that here [In the UK] I will want to fight in the US at some point as its always been a dream & I think the American spectators will enjoy my style of boxing.

TWBW: The amateur career of a pro boxer isn’t looked in to that much when going on to world title level like you are. What was your amateur record and what do you see as your greatest achievement in the amateur ranks?

Kal: My amateur record was 165 fights – won 139. I think my greatest achievements would have to be winning the world cadet championships, being the youngest boxer to win the senior aba championships & qualifying for the 2008 olympics when I wasn’t expected to. I had a great amateur career where I travelled the world and met some great people.

TWBW: There are some great fighters in the super Flyweight division but who do you think is the best current world champion at super flyweight?

Kal: Out of the world champions at the moment it would be between the WBO champion Inoue & WBC champion Carlos Cadres. 

TWBW: Your last fight was against Dixon Flores which you won inside 1 round. The WBC super flyweight champion Carlos Cuadras took 5 rounds to get Flores out of there. Do you see this as your best performance yet? If not then which performance do you feel was the best?

Kal: On paper it looks that way. I think it just showed I have the power to knock anyone out in my division. I didn’t get to show what I’ve improved on and what I have been working on behind closed doors. Hopefully next time I will get to show that and show some of my boxing ability.

TWBW: You are unbeaten in 18 fights and have impressed since turning professional but do you believe that you are developed enough to beat any of the current world champions yet or do you feel that you still need a few more tough learning fights?

Kal: I think I am ready to fight anyone now! It would of been nice to get some rounds in last time out but it is what it is. If the opportunity comes I will grasp it with both hands.

TWBW: We gave our followers a chance to ask you a question and we couldn’t decide which one was better so we will ask you both. Who is the best boxer that you have ever sparred with? & Who hits the hardest out of the people that you have been in the ring with (amateur or pro)?

Kal: Good questions. Sparring wise I have been lucky to have sparred with some great fighters. It would have to be out of Luke Campbell & a Cuban boxer called Yasnier Toledo Lopez. The person that hit the hardest was Giovanni Segura who is a former world champion who I sparred with and he hit me with a thudding right hand to the chest. I made sure I didn’t get hit by one again lol.

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