Frank Warren shares his views with us on the Joshua-Breazeale PPV, Tyson Fury and speaks about the Boxnation success 

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

We caught up with one of the top promoters and managers in the world on Wednesday at the Fury vs Klitschko 2 press conference in Manchester. Frank Warren shared with us his views on certain topics within the boxing world at the minute.

It is an understatement, in my opinion, to say that Boxnation is value for money considering the fights that have already been shown and the fights that are lined up for later this year. Charging extra for televised fights is becoming a common thing all around the world and I think that Frank is doing a great job in bringing the big fights to the fans for only £12 a month. This is what Frank had to say about the success of the Boxnation so far in its short existence.

“The fact of the matter is, the two biggest fights involving British fighters are on BoxNation and that alone tells you where we, as a business, are at. We will be in our 5th year come September and it’s been a long slog. Both financially and mentally it has been very difficult at times but we are determined to succeed, we put our money where our mouth is and we bring the fights that the fans want to see for just £12 a month! You are not paying PPV for it, it’s not £20 or £25 to see one fight. You get multiple big fights from all over the world for just the one subscription and that can’t be bad”

On the subject of PPV, it was my curiosity that led me to ask Frank on what he thought of the Anthony Joshua vs Daniel Breazeale fight being PPV even though Breazeale didn’t impress anyone against Fred Kassi, who is matched against Hughie Fury on the 30th April at the Copper Box in London.

“Hughie fury is fighting Fred Kassi who fought Breazeale in his last fight and lots of people, including me, thought that Kassi beat Breazeale so how can the fight between Joshua and Breazeale be PPV? Hughie Fury, the 21-year-old is fighting the guy that everyone thought beat Breazeale and now they are asking people to fork up £20!”

Moving on to the huge fight that the world will be watching on July 9th and I was not alone when it came to admitting being entertained and amused by the current Ring Magazine, WBO and WBA Super Heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury during the eventful press conference.

Fury hurled insults at Wladimir who expressed his disapprovement of the champion’s comments on homosexuals, paedophiles and women. It all ended with Tyson taking his top off and revealing his not-so-athletic body. Just your normal Tyson Fury press conference. I wanted to know what Frank thought of Tyson’s statements and actions since shocking the world in November 2015.

“Well Tyson is very personal, he’s funny but some of the things that he says I certainly don’t agree with but I’m sure he regrets saying those things and sometimes he’s sometimes a bit reactive to the crowd but having said that he’s colourful, he’s big and more importantly he can fight.”

I would like to thank Frank Warren for giving us the opportunity to interview him, he was just leaving and stayed an extra 5 minutes to let me ask him a few questions so fair play, Frank!


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