My break down of the biggest fight of the year: Canelo vs Khan – includes prediction and ring walk time! 

The day is here! The fight that shocked the world when announced will take place tonight and I think that it is closer than people expect. Who will use their advantages more effectively? How will the weight affect Khan? How will the speed of Khan effective Canelo? If you can’t already tell, I can’t wait!
The biggest fight of the year so far. Mexico Vs England. This fight has the potential to be a cracker due to Khan’s questionable punch resistance, heart and sometimes lack of discipline as well as Canelo’s questionable ability to deal effectively with a boxer who moves in and out as fluid as Mayweather did. There are some huge questions that both fighters will have to answer in order to leave the brand new T-mobile Arena victorious. Will Khan maintain his speed after jumping up two weight classes? Can Canelo cope with the movement of Khan throughout 12 rounds? Can Khan really take a full blooded clean shot off a big punching middleweight, who will probably be a light heavyweight when the first bell sounds? Can Canelo outbox Khan? Will Khan stick to his game plan or will his heart overrule his head?

These questions are just a smear of proof that boxing is one of, if not, the best sport in the world! The unpredictability of a fight that keeps us talking for months is what magnifies our great sport that is only becoming more popular with your average Joe walking down the street. 

Some say that speed kills which is very true but I’m starting to wonder what if the speed isn’t as lethal as it once was against Devon Alexander. But then again, what if it is?! Khan’s speed is a huge factor in this bout and is easily his biggest asset so therefore he must use it to his advantage at every given opportunity to claim the WBC middleweight crown by throwing punches in bunches but wasting little at the same time.

In my opinion, I think people are overlooking Khan a bit too much. Yes, he hasn’t got the worlds best chin but nevertheless he beat a huge hitting Marcos Maidana when everyone expected Khan to be flat on his back after one punch. If Khan can stick to his game plan and keep Canelo at range whilst moving off to Canelo’s left, to stay away from the right hand, then I feel he has a great chance in the mega fight. The footwork needs to be on point as well to ensure that he can get in to do his work but so that he can also get out before Canelo catches him with his dynamite packed gloves.

Yes, I may be arguing for Khan but this doesn’t change the fact that I believe Canelo will be victorious tonight but this will only happen if he is clever, not reckless and doesn’t go looking for the KO. He needs to stay focused on the job in hand and not be focused on attempting to knock Khan out because this is when Khan will pivot off, make the Mexican look stupid and let a flurry of shots go then be on his bike again.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Canelo will be on the front foot in this fight due to his natural size come fight night. Being on the front foot means that the Mexican will have to cut the ring off effectively without walking on to shots coming back from Amir. By cutting the ring off he will be able to give Khan less space to do his moving which will be a key factor in this fight. I’m expecting Canelo to back Khan up and let shots of 3 and 4 go then lean on Khan to use his size as an advantage.

My final prediction of how the fight is going to go is as follows:

– nervy opening round from both men to feel each other out

– Khan on the back foot, moving for the whole fight and Canelo on the front foot trying to give Khan as little room as possible

– Canelo backing up Khan and letting combinations go when in close 

– score cards to be even by the time the 6th round ends 

– Canelo to wear Khan down and Khan to start feeling to pace after the 7th

– Canelo to stop a tired looking Khan between the 7th and the 11th round 

Good luck to both fighters, I’m sure they will put on a cracking fight and whatever the outcome they will both always have my respect. Most importantly, stay safe!

Coverage of the fight will be from Boxnation and will start at 1:30am GMT. The ring walk time for Canelo-Khan is 5am GMT. Make sure you set your alarms!

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