Alexander Povetkin tests positive for PED’s!

Alexander Povetkin has tested positive for Meldonium which is an illegal PED used to increase the blood flow to the working muscles and to flush out any byproducts like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The drug was only listed as a banned substance at the start of this year and Povetkin and his team admitted using it last year in September when it was legal. 
The drug was made illegal in January this year and since then over 170 athletes have been caught with it in their system, 40 of them being Russian. However this does not mean that that are all cheating. The drug can stay in the body for months after taking it and it takes twice as long to leave the body if it has been injected. In theory it will still be giving him an advantage and therefore in my opinion he should not be allowed to fight until the drug is completely out his system but I don’t believe that he should be punished. He has done nothing wrong if what he is saying is true.

The A sample, which tested positive, was taken on 27th April and now the fight against Deontay Wilder which should be on May 21st is now in doubt. WBC Chairman Mauricio Sulaiman said “We’re investigating everything and putting all the information on the table to make a determination with all the facts. I believe we will be making a public statement at end of day (Friday) or tomorrow morning.”

If the B sample also comes back positive then Povetkin will be under investigation to find out when he took the drug and how long it will be in his system for. It’s ludicrous to me as of why it was a legal substance last year. It benefits performance and gives you an unfair advantage in a sport that if already extremely dangerous.

Wilder actually admitted last May that he thought Povetkin was taking illegal substances to aid his performance. “I think he’s juicing. He’s looking too big,” Wilder said last May. “I have people that have trained him and know him, and being from a different country, they have different techniques that they use. He’s on some kind of steroids. But you know, that’s just my opinion. It’s not going to affect me when it’s time to fight and I’m looking forward (to fighting Povetkin). That’s how I feel.”

We will keep you updated on the progress of the situation and of any news regarding the up and coming fight.

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