EXCLUSIVE! Liam Smith reveals who he would rather face out of the current champions and explains the Kell Brook situation!

We caught up with the WBO World Light-Middleweight champion of the world ahead of his home coming defence this Saturday night at the Echo Arena against Predrag Radosevic and he revealed to us what it means to him fighting in Liverpool, who he would rather face out of the current champions and the Kell Brook situation.

TWBW: How exited are you to be defending your world title in your home city, where you grew up as a kid?

LS: Every champion dreams of defending their world title in their home town and its no different for me. I’m really looking forward to fighting at the Echo Arena.

TWBW: Would you say that this defence means more to you than your first defence due to it being in Liverpool?

LS: Every defence means a lot to me because I need to do all that I can in order to keep hold of my belt because if I don’t have this then why would any of the other champions want to fight me?

TWBW: You have had a 6 month break between your last defence against Jimmy Kelly and this history making defence. Has this break been useful in terms of having a well needed rest after your two camps which were back to back?

LS: I really enjoyed the break that I had. After i fought on 19th December I had a long break until 1st February. I did absolutely nothing so that my batteries were recharged but I regretted it when i stepped back on to the scales at the start of camp. I’ve now got my self in to shape and I now don’t regret it one bit because it was exactly what I needed and I’m raring to go.

TWBW: We know that you would like to unify the division in the future but do you have any preference to which champion you would like to face?

LS: I would like to fight one of the Charlo brothers when attempting to unify the 154lb division. I am even willing to travel to make the fight happen, because at the end of the day a ring is a ring.

TWBW: Do you think the fight between you and Kell Brook will ever happen?

LS: I don’t think the Kell Brook fight will ever materialise, its not down to the relationship between our two promoters, i just don’t think that he wants it. If he really wanted the fight then it could be made easily but I feel that he mentioned my name thinking that i wouldn’t want the fight and then when i said I’d be happy to fight him, he shut up about it. He’s still a welterweight so when he decides to actually move up, then we will see if he really wants the fight.

We would like to thank Liam for giving us his time at the press conference. All the best for Saturday, from The World Boxing Wall.


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