Former World champion, Paul Butler, discusses his different approach to training and future plans ahead of Saturday’s final eliminator 

We caught up with the former IBF Bantamweight champion at Thursday’s press conference ahead of his WBO super flyweight final eliminator against Thailand’s Petchbarngborn Kokietgym.

TWBW: You mentioned you have got a new trainer and that you have been watching videos of your opponent. You mentioned this is something you have never done before, is this down to your new trainer ?

PB: Yes, we have been watching little bits just looking at his style, the way he throws his shots, shots he uses a lot and also the shots that we can try and take away from him. We have been watching quite a bit of him. 

TWBW: From looking at the footage have you noticed the shots he throws well and not so well? 

PB: He throws no more than 45 shots per round. We have been using clickers counting his shots, most of them shots are jabs and if he gets in range with his jab he will throw a big right hand over the top, there is not many left hooks or body punches being thrown.

We will try and outwork him, the only time he throws more than 45 shots is in the last round where he throw up to 100 shots as a result of saving some energy from being lazy in the early rounds in my opinion.

We are going to make him work and make him feel the pressure, he has been boxing in carparks in front of not many people he is going to get a shock when he walks out at the Echo Arena. The time difference is going to be a huge factor because he only arrived yesterday and by the time we get in the ring it would usually be 4 am for him at home.

TWBW: Hopefully you will win a world title at this weight, is this the weight you are looking to stay at or would you be looking to move up once you have won a world title?

PB: If we were to get a world title at this weight I would obviously make a couple of defences. The weights not the easiest to make so obviously I will be looking to go back up to bantam eventually but not any time soon maybe a year or so.

TWBW: If you win Saturday you will become the mandatory challanger, when will the mandatory be called ?

PB: I think it is within 90 days of Saturday. 

We would like to thank Paul for giving us his time ahead of Saturday’s crucial fight. Best of luck from The World Boxing Wall.


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