Conor Benn on amateur days, Eddie Hearn, sparring and professional boxers at the Rio Olympics.

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

We had a chance to catch up with Conor Benn in Newcastle last week at an evening with Nigel Benn featuring Conor.

TWBW: As an amateur, where did you fight? I know you’ve lived in a few different places over the years.

CB: All of my amateur fights were in Sydney.I only had 20 and they weren’t in very big venues at all. The most amount of people I boxed in front of before turning pro was around 100 people!

TWBW: What was your amateur record?

CB: Like I said, I had 20 amateur fights and I went on to only lose two.

TWBW: You said in a few interviews at the start of the year that you’d like to leave turning pro for a while and focus on progressing but 2 or 3 months later you were fighting on the Joshua undercard. What changed in your mind set?

CB: Yes that’s true! I just wanted to get in there with 8oz gloves and start doing the business on the big shows that Eddie is putting me on. I’m very happy with being with Eddie Hearn and he’s doing a great job at the minute.

TWBW: Were there any other offers on the table from other promoters for you?

CB: There was a couple of offers but Eddie Hearn was the one that I wanted to guide me in the right direction.

TWBW: I’ve seen a sparring session between your and Ohara Davies on the Internet and you didn’t half go at it. How much of a help is it having top class sparring in your gym like Ohara?

CB: I’m always learning! I didn’t have many amateur fights so it helps me a lot to spar with a great talent like Ohara. I Also spar with Ricky Burns who is now a 3 weight world champion and you can’t get much better than that. Tony Sims is also a huge help as my trainer. They are all helping to bring me on and help me progress which is why I’ve been improving. They are a great bunch of lads! If I’m going to spend the next 10 years with them guys I’m going to need to get on with them and that’s the good thing about the gym – we all get on and help each other.

TWBW: How many fights would you like to have by the end of the year?

CB: I would be happy with 8, that’s the target.

TWBW: What is your target for the end of this year in terms of belts?

CB: I haven’t got one, I just want to keep improving and learning the ropes of the paid ranks.

TWBW: What do you think about pros being allowed to boxing in the Olympics? Would you take part if given the opportunity?

CB: It’s ridiculous in my opinion! It’s way too dangerous because of the difference in class. It would like me fighting Mayweather who is levels and levels above any of the top amateurs, it just doesn’t make sense! Also how will they get paid? It’s their job at the end of the day so why would a fighter turn down big money to go and fight in the Olympics for free? Not a fan at all!

Thank you to Conor who kindly gave us some time out of his busy schedule, good luck in your next fight and we look forward to seeing you rise through the professional ranks. #TWBW

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