Ohara Davies is not holding back on any of his future potential opponents 

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

The English lightweight champion, Ohara Davies gave an interview to Sky Sports regarding the domestic scene and he didn’t hold back, to say the least!

He let rip on Sean Dodd, Tommy Coyle, Tyrone Nurse as well as Dave Ryan. It seems to me that Davies is making a name for himself outside the ring in order to drum up interest for his fights inside the ring which is a clever strategy but only if it pays off.

‘Two Tanks’ told Sky Sports: “I don’t like Sean Dodd. He can’t box and he’s getting all of these opportunities. People think he’s good and he’s getting all this air time but he can’t fight. There are other fighters out there that can box and don’t sell the tickets. He can sell tickets and can’t box.
“He’s got the WBC International title but he shouldn’t have that. He’s complete trash and can’t box. If I got offered that fight, I’d come back down to lightweight.

“I genuinely don’t like him even though he’s a nice guy. Boxing isn’t for nice guys – it’s for the rough, raw and angry people. If you want to go and be a nice person then you should plant flowers for a living. Boxing isn’t a sport for people like Dodd, who want to be a nice guy.

Davies even mentions moving up a weight to fight the big names on the domestic scene in order to prove his worth.

“Up at super-lightweight, I told promoter Eddie Hearn to get me anyone besides [gym-mate] Ricky Burns. I want to fight the winner of Tyrone Nurse and Tommy Coyle for the British super-lightweight title. It’s a massive title fight and there’s money in it, too.

“I’ve been taking risks since I was born. If you don’t take any, you’ll never get anywhere. I know Nurse is big and a full-blown super-lightweight but if I catch him, it’s just like anybody else.

“Coyle has come up from lightweight too and I’d fight him even if he loses. He knows that if he fights against me, he’s 100 percent getting knocked out. He knows that.”

Davies added: “There’s also Dave Ryan. Eddie Hearn said that it would be a really hard fight and he doubts it’s a 100 percent win for me. When he said that I thought: ‘Of course I’ll beat him.’

“I’ve got it in me to retire him. People always ask me what I’m going to be like in a fight in which I have to be smart, but I do it all the time in sparring. It’s just that in a fight, my opponents aren’t giving me that chance. They are getting stopped early.

“Once I get an opponent who will take me there, you’ll see. Ryan may have more experience than I’ve got but that’s because he’s 33 and an old man on his way out. I’m the next big thing and I’m going to be taking over. Anyone they put in front of me, I’ll win.”

He comes across very confident, to say the least, but I hope he backs it up or else it could be another case of what happened to the talented Mitchel Smith when he failed to beat the relatively Unknown George Jupp after talking himself up.

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