Tony Bellew could fight Dmytro Kucher in Liverpool in October!

Eddie Hearn told us on Monday that Tony Bellew will headline his own show in Liverpool in a voluntary defense of his WBC cruiserweight world title. Hearn said “Tony Bellew will next be fighting in October on his own card in Liverpool but we need to weigh up the dates with what’s happening. There’s a few guys at the moment that are in contention to face Tony Bellew like BJ Flores who has been calling him out because he’s David Haye’s friend, we’ve made an offer to Dmytro Kucher who recently beat Enzo Maccarinelli which is a great fight but a dangerous fight but one that tony wants so I think that is a potential fight for him.”
I would love to see the fight against Kucher as his first defense because they are two huge punchers who both won titles by KO in their last fights. Kucher stopped Maccarinelli in the first round of their European title fight at York hall last month to put his name in the big picture. Could he land a big bomb on Bellew? Could Bellew handle the power? It’s a really intriguing fight, but a very risky one with low reward in my opinion.

“He really wants to have a solid first defense or unification and then move in to the Haye fight. He really wants me to make that fight and that would be a fight that could happen in February next year. If Tony had to vacate the WBC title for the Haye fight would he be okay with it but hopefully they will let us have a fight outside the division but that’s a fight that changes Tony Bellew’s life and if he beats David Haye it opens up a whole new can of worms for him.” Hearn added.

The Haye fight is one that I’m not too keen on personally because I think Haye is just too quick and too powerful for Bellew but like Eddie told us, it will secure his family’s future and make Bellew a lot of money which is the whole point of it being a job. If he does have to vacate the title to fight Haye then he is putting himself in a very risky situation. Haye has been known to pull out of fights a few times due to injury so if Bellew vacates and then the fight doesn’t end up happening then Bellew is left holding his dick and not the green and gold belt which gives him a lot of power in negotiating fights.

Would you like to see the Haye vs Bellew fight? Would you vacate your belt for a fight with Haye if you were in Bellew’s shoes? Who would you like to see him in with in October? 

Leave your comments below and please share. Thank you.

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