“Serving in Iraq was easy compared to boxing”

ar veteran Owen Jobburn insists serving his country in Iraq was nothing compared to his training camp for his professional boxing debut.
The former soldier spent five years in the army before leaving to pursue his boxing ambitions.
After resuming his amateur career and briefly joining the unlicensed ranks, Jobburn decided to give it a proper go in January and makes his professional bow on Hatton Boxing’s October 1 ‘The Beginning’ show at Stoke’s Fenton Manor.
“I boxed in the amateurs as a kid before moving to Spain with my parents at 15,” the Stoke native told uko-boxing.com.
“I struggled to get work over there because of the language barrier so I decided to join the army. Unfortunately, my regiment didn’t have a boxing team, though.
“When I came out of the army after five years and a 2008 tour of Iraq I started boxing amateur again but kept getting let down by fight cancellations. So I did some unlicensed stuff until I met Lindon Newbon, who suggested I move away from that and turn professional.”
Jobburn, who plans to compete at super-welterweight, added: “I’ve been training to turn pro since January and the difference is absolutely massive. It’s the hardest training I’ve ever done in my life – including the army. It’s ridiculous. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.”

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