EXCLUSIVE: @DerryMathews23 talks about his beef with @OharaDavies, Manny Pacquiao and his make or break fight!

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

Today we were lucky enough to speak to the former English, British, IBO international, WBU and interim WBA world champion, ‘Dirty’ Derry Mathews. Read the full interview below!


TWBW: You’re fighting Ohara Davies on March 4th on the Haye – Bellew undercard. There is quite a bit of beef between you two, where did it all come from?

DM: He put some daft tweets out about me and he didn’t just put them about me! He put them about Josh Taylor and yesterday I saw that he was even slagging Robbie Davies Jnr off who’s from Liverpool as well. He needs shutting up and I’m going to do exactly that.


TWBW: You normally have your camp over in Marbella but this time you’re in Glasgow, why is this?

DM: Danny Vaughan, my trainer, lives up here so we’ve had a change of camp location and everything is going good so far.


TWBW: You’ve mentioned that you will be going over to LA to do some sparring, do you know who you will be sparring or is it a case of seeing who’s in the area at that time?

DM: I’m not entirely sure no but my trainer has got some lads out there set up for sparring and hopefully Manny Pacquiao is there so we can get a few rounds in with him.


TWBW: How much easier does it make camp when you are living with your gym mates like you are in Glasgow?

DM: It makes it a lot easier because one does the ironing, one does the cleaning and one does the cooking.


TWBW: What is the thing that you miss the most about being away from home and training away?

DM: My kids and my wife, as well as the city of Liverpool, but sacrifices have to be made. This is what makes champions so this is what I’ve got to do.


TWBW: Davies is currently unbeaten as a pro, what flaws do you see in him that you can exploit?

DM: I leave that sort of work down to my trainer; I think Danny will come up with a great game plan. I haven’t really seen that much of him but what I have seen is that he is a bit of a novice and a bit wild. At the end of the day, he is the WBC silver champion so I’ve got to take him seriously because he’s a good fighter. I think he’s a former ABA champion from the Repton gym as well so I know he’s going to bring it. I’ll be the biggest name on his record so I’ve got to get in there and do a job on him.


TWBW: What are you doing differently in camp now that you need to make 140lb and not 135lbs?

DM: I’ll be throwing a few more weights around in the gym and doing heavier stuff to make the most of the extra 5lbs.


TWBW: Is this fight a case of make or break?

DM: Yeah, that’s why I’ve locked myself away. I can’t afford to get beat! If I do get beat I’ll be no good to anyone so it’s a very serious fight. It’s a fight that I’ve got to win and a fight that I will win!


TWBW: Were you a bit disappointed that the fight couldn’t be at the Echo?

DM: I don’t mind travelling really. I’ve been to London quite a few times and had a few good results there so I’m not bothered because I’m always better away from home anyway. I’m just gutted I’ve got no tickets to give to my fans or my family because it is sold out, it’s a bit sickening, to be honest. It’s one of those things, it’s all about myself winning the fight and pushing on.


TWBW: Do you believe that by winning this fight, it will put you in line for a world title shot?

DM: Well I think I’ll automatically become the mandatory challenger for the WBC world title by winning the Silver title. It’s happened to a few fighters like Tony Bellew, Gavin McDonnell and Callum Smith, they’ve all become mandatory challengers so fingers crossed it puts me on the right path.


TWBW: What is the biggest achievement as a pro so far?

DM: As a pro, I would have to say my biggest achievement is winning all the titles that I have. When I first turned professional, people were laughing at me and now I’ve won 10 titles! I think I’ve won the most pro titles in the city of Liverpool. I’ve won the British title twice; I’ve won the English title twice at two different weight and I became the first ever Scouser to win it. I then went on to beat Steve Foster for the WBU World Title. I boxed for every single belt available out there, apart from a central area title and I kind of regret that to be honest.


TWBW: Will you be watching James Degale tonight?

DM: I’ll be tuning in yeah! Fingers crossed that he gets the job done and gets a great win for Britain. Chunky is a great fella and a good pal, we have a great convocation when we see each other so I wish him all the luck in the world.


We would like to thank Derry for giving us some of his time to answer our questions and we wish him the best of luck in March! #TWBW

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