Cox: Where does Groves go after I beat him?

WBA Super World Super Middleweight champion George Groves (26-3, 19 KOs) and Jamie Cox (24-0,13 KOs) are ready for their explosive Muhammad Ali Trophy quarter-final clash on October 14 at The SSE Arena, Wembley in London and tickets are now on sale ranging from £35 to £130 at at

30-year old Cox is fighting on the biggest stage of his career against the toughest opponent in his seven years as a professional, yet the Swindon boxer is extremely confident of overcoming the odds and securing a victory against Groves.

“Not only did he chose the most dangerous opponent for him in terms of styles, but also the fighter most likely to end his career,” said Cox.’’The question is: Where does he go after I beat him?”

Top seed Groves picked Cox at the World Boxing Super Series Draft Gala in Monaco in July calling his choice a ‘strategic move’:

“It’s a long tournament so I picked the easy guy first,” said 29-year old ‘Saint George’.

Groves, from Hammersmith, London, who is known for his two epic battles with countryman Carl Froch, finally claimed World honours on his fourth attempt, showcasing his incredible will, determination and perseverance in defeating Fedor Chudinov to become WBA World Super Champion in Sheffield in May.

Cox, on the other hand, is yet to claim a major title as a professional, but is already known for his talent and potential, which is still waiting to be redeemed.

“I am looking forward to showing people what I am about and showcasing myself and the dedication I have to the game,” said Cox, who believes he is in a better position than Groves.

“Me and Groves live completely different lives. Groves is a celebrity – he has earned a fortune, achieved his goal at the fourth time of asking and his body shows that he has been over-indulging on the luxuries. I am an athlete; I live modestly and am hungry for success. I look sharp because of the lifestyle I live.”

However, Groves insists he is as hungry as ever: “I feel that Cox, like most people who fight me, is trying to look for comfort by looking for weaknesses in me. They are forever focusing on me. By the sounds of it, Cox is hoping that I’ve been over indulging and that I’m not taking a World title fight seriously, but I am afraid for his sake that I am.”

Tickets are on sale priced £35 to £130 at and

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