GUEST ARTICLE: Christopher Jason Young presents another GF of Boxing Mailbag

Christopher Jason Young presents another GF of Boxing Mailbag: Topics of discussion Wilder and Joshua, devastating punchers past and presence, Lomachenko/Rigondeaux, etc.

Who do you have between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder?




Right now it’s too early to tell. I have my pick as of right now, but I answer this at a later date after the fight gets signed. Well people believe it or not this is a pick’em fight. Both are accomplished amateurs and both are world champions. It’s a safe bet that this fight will not go to distance. They both have enough power to knock each other out. This fight will be as big as Lennox Lewis vs. Evander Holyfield. If I was the promoter of this event I would try to schedule this fight on the 4th of July. You have an American Olympic boxer and a British Olympic boxer. The story line would be epic. There hasn’t been this much buzz in a heavyweight championship fight in over 15 years. Think about. I challenge you to look up the last time there has been this much hype over a championship fight. The one thing I’m going to predict that this fight will end between round 7-9.


Who do you thing has the best left hook, right cross, and jab, and who is on your boxing Mount Rushmore? And is Keith Thurman ducking Errol Spence or his he just posturing.


  1. Royal


This is a difficult to name just one so I’ll do the best that I can off the top of my head.


Left hook: Joe Frazier, Roy Jones, Ray Robinson, Felix Trinidad, and Bob Foster


Right Cross/Straight Right/Best Right Hand: Thomas Hearns, Alexis Arguello, Lennox Lewis, Wladamir Klitschko, Joe Louis, Earnie Shavers and Deontay Wilder.


Jab: Larry Holmes, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, and George Foreman


Uppercut: Mike Tyson


Overhand Right: Tim Witherspoon and Rocky Marciano


Body Puncher: Mike MaCallum, Micky Ward, Julio Ceasar Chavez Sr., Sam Langford, Tony Zale, and Henry Armstrong


Left Cross/Straight Left: Michael Moorer, Manny Pacquiao, Marvin Hagler, and Antonio Tarver


My Mount Rushmore I believe I answer this one before but this is really difficult for me just to name my top 4. But my list of greatest pound for pound of all time is:


  1. Sugar Ray Robinson
  2. Muhammad Ali
  3. Joe Louis
  4. Roy Jones Jr.
  5. Henry Armstrong
  6. Sam Langford
  7. Roberto Duran
  8. Ray Leonard
  9. Jimmy Wilde
  10. Archie Moore


No, I don’t think Keith Thurman is ducking Errol Spence, but I do believe when you listen to him on how he responds to questions about Spence he sort of sound like he’s posturing, but let me tell you the real reason. There are two reasons where this fight may not happen until the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. First off Thurman is just coming off recovery from elbow surgery, so to put him backing there with the sharks in the welterweight division is not smart. If I was his manager I would set him up with a credible and durable opponent that he could be challenge but at the same time it would knock the rust off. Second, you have to understand that Keith Thurman is the WBC and WBA Welterweight Champion and it’s a strong possibility that he will have his mandatory he has to face. I hear fans say that he should just drop those belts and just face the best. That is ridiculous. These boxers fight their whole life to get that championship belt. That adds value and leverage when it comes to negotiating these super fights. Now if I was on Errol Spence management team, if we get past Peterson, then I would go after Jeff Horn WBO welterweight title. Reason being since Errol Spence believe that Thurman is dodging him, I would face and beat Horn and then Spence would have two belts and then he has leverage when he comes to the table to make this negotiation a 50/50 for a 5evenly match fight. This fight will happen while both fighters are still in their prime. This fight will be the biggest fight since Leonard and Hearns. That’s a fight that would bring the casual fans back. It would live up to the hype and exceed expectations like Thurman/Porter did. Stay tuned.


What is your take on Lomachenko and Rigondeaux? I’ve seen Rigondeaux in camp and he looks really sharp and highly motivated.




Well for me I’m excited because for the first time in history you will have 2-two-time Olympian champion who has deep pedigree on the sweet science. Stylisitcally this is going to be a good matchup. Lomachenko has to take the fight to Rigondeaux. Reason being he has two advantages that is going for him. Lomachenko is the bigger fighter, and he is the busier fighter. Now on punching power I have to give it to Rigondeaux. He is great at measuring distance and clipping aggressive fighters that loves to come in. His straight left is something serious. If I have to say right now, I would have to give a slight edge to Lomachenko due to his work rate and foot work. It’s kind of hard to see Rigondeaux winning a decision against him, unless he drops him. Rigondeaux must find a way to slow Lomachenko work rate down. Rigondeaux will have to earn Lomachenko respect early and make him think twice in engaging. Don’t be surprise if both of them gets drop in this fight with a counter punch. To any trainers that have amateur boxers or boxers that are up and coming this is the fight to watch. This is going to be true fundamental at its best. A highly competitive chess match up that the hardcore fans will truly enjoy. This is hard for me to say. My heart says Rigondeaux, but my mind says Lomachenko. I need to see how they look at the weigh in.

Will Kovalev ever reach his optimal status before he lost to Ward?


Thanks for leaving the message, this is your third time writing in. anyways the real question is will Kovalev will ever be the exact same prior to losing to Ward. The answer to that is no, but that is all up to Kovalev. You see Kovalev had the invincibility type of aura about him prior to the Ward fight. He was a devastating puncher who mostly box and stalks from the outside. Remember Kovalev has killed a man in the ring. You topped that with a man who has a chip on his shoulder, that is a recipe for disaster. Kovalev in a way became a bully. Think about it.  If you look at all the boxers with those characteristics they crumble under resistance and pressure. Look at boxers from the past like Dempsey, Liston, Foreman (young Foreman), and Tyson. Once they faced somebody that is not afraid of them, stood up to them, they crumbled under pressure. And their aura of invincibility is gone. Ward exposed him as his character weakness was Kovalev flaw, and Kovalev hate fighting on the inside and he doesn’t like it to the body He is still a good fighter but Kovalev is a person that likes to be in charge in his camp and he loves to drink a little too much alcohol during training camp. He seems he can’t hold on to quality trainers. His next fight he has some soul personal searching, and questions needs to be answered. Ward wrote the blueprint on how to beat Kovalev and now will other top light-heavyweights follow the game plan?

Chris it’s nice to you doing your thing on the boxing side. You where many hats, when do you sleep? Now with me being from Bayamon, Puerto Rico we are hardcore fans Boricua Boxing. Tito Trinidad is my favorite all time fighter. Where do you rank Tito as far as the greatest Puerto Rican fighter of all time?

Josue Martinez

Josue well first of let me give a shout out to my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters that is still going through it and still recovering from that hurricane a couple of months back. My prayers are still with you.

Well personally Tito Trinidad is one of my favorite fighters, who dominated the welterweight division. He is an all-time great with a left hook from hell. His right hand was awesome as well. But for me I can’t put him as the greatest fighter from that island. Puerto Rico is so enriched with legends of yesteryear, but what I’ll do for you I’ll give you my personally top 5 boxers that Puerto Rico has ever produced.

  1. Wilfredo Gomez 44-3-1-42 (three-time world champion) WBC & Lineal Super Bantamweight WBC Featherweight, and WBA Super Featherweight Champion. consecutive knockouts in championship defenses. 20W-3L in Championship fights.


  1. Felix Tito Trinidad 42-3-35 (three division world champion IBF, WBC, and Lineal welterweight, WBA and IBF light-middleweight, and WBA middleweight) He’s second of all-time for the most welterweight title defenses (15) 20W-1L Championship title fights.


  1. Miguel Cotto 41-5-33. First Puerto Rican to win world titles in four weight classes (WBO Light-Welterweight, WBA & WBO Welterweight, WBA& WBO Light-Middleweight, and WBC Middleweight) 20W-5L Championship fights.


  1. Wilfred Benitez 53-8-1-31 The youngest fighter to win a world title 17 years of age. (Lineal & WBA Light-Welterweight Champion, Lineal & WBC Welterweight Champion, and WBC Light-Middleweight Champion) 10W-1L in Championship fights.


  1. Hector “Macho” Camacho Sr. 79-6-3-38 (WBC Super-Featherweight Champion, WBC Lightweight Champion, and WBO Light-Welterweight Champion) 9W-3L in Championship fights

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