Reaction to Deontay Wilder’s Rasicst Claim – “If I Wasn’t Black – I’d Get More U.S. Media Respect”

Question from Ernesto:

Did you hear this bullshit? Here is another black athlete playing the race card. Deontay Wilder said If he wasn’t Black he would get more media respect in America. Why don’t he just shut up and fight some live opponents instead of these bums? This is getting ridiculous.

GF of Boxing response:

Ernesto, first of all I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I normally don’t respond to comments like this but I feel compelled to enlighten you on a few things that either you are not aware, or either you know or you just don’t care. It’s truly deeper than what it is. So here goes:

Over the last 2 years the division in America has gotten so wide that in certain parts of this country you swear we are about to have another civil war. You have division amongst political lines (Republicans vs. Democrats, the Haves and the Have nots, Social Justice vs Police Brutality, Constitutional rights vs. Patriotism, Christians vs. non-believers, and Black vs. White). There are problems similar like these all over the world but not like in this country. You may ask what does this have to do with boxing, everything. Sports especially, boxing has always been a semi-reflection of society of the current times. From the Sam Langford days and the World “Colored” Heavyweight Championship, John L Sullivan stating he will never defend his title against a n*****, Jack Johnson and the reinforcement of the Jim Crow law and the Great White Hope era, to the Joe Louis the World War era, Sonny Liston and the growing insurgence of the mafia into boxing, Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali during the civil rights and Vietnam War era, and so forth.

Ernesto please riddle me this, I’ll do my best to keep this as simple as I can, but please explain to me why is it during 2017, the top boxers in the world who happens to be American do not get the full support of the America people? Let’s look at Andre Ward. He is truly a role model and a great ambassador for the sport. He lives a clean life, wonderful family man and is always giving back to people who is less fortunate as him. He won a gold medal in the Olympics and he was the least favorite to win the Super Six Tournament. He cleaned out his division and became the unified Super-Middleweight Champion. After all of that he still didn’t get any respect from majority of the media in America or the fans. They spoke about him only fighting in California and that he is a dirty fighter. That if he wants to prove that he is great he needs to fight GGG or move up in weight. So, he moved up to light-heavyweight and faced the “Baddest Man on the Planet” winning a close majority decision and winning the unified light-heavyweight against Kovalev. Fans cried robbery so they did it again, but this time Ward was winning convincingly before the halt of the action via late round stoppage. And still no credit. He is 9-0 in Championship fights and defeated 6 world champions. His HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley recently made a statement on a live telecast with Andre Ward and Max Kellerman during the live fight between Salido vs Roman bout when Andre Ward was talking about the craftiness of Salido and that the referee has a job to do if and when there is a low blow. Jim Lampley retorted, “Dirty Fighters Respect Other Dirty Fighters.” He was implying that Ward is a dirty fighter. Very inappropriate, totally uncalled for, and very disrespectful. When has anybody with his talent, his pedigree, and the championship accolades get snubbed in the boxing media and fans?

Terrence Crawford is another one. He is probably the most complete fighter in the game right now. He is probably the last fighter to hold the undisputed light welterweight title since Kostya Tszyu. He is a two-weight division champion winning titles at lightweight, light-welterweight and is now moving up to the welterweight division. Oh, by the way, he is still undefeated 32-0-23KO. He has not left his roots. He stays right in the heart of America in Omaha, Nebraska. He goes to schools that are in low income neighborhoods and speaking to kids, given them words of inspiration and encouragement about staying in school, be a leader, and do something positive with your life. The same thing that was said about Andre Ward was said about him, Crawford can only fight in his hometown, but if the ignorant would actually follow a fighters career or even do research you would know that out of 32 professional fights Terrence only fought in the state of Nebraska only 5 times.

You see places like the UK don’t have these ridiculous problems when it comes to their fighters like Kell Brook, Anthony Joshua, Frank Bruno, Lennox Lewis, Herbie Hide, David Haye, Tony Bellew, Chris Eubank Sr. & Jr., Nigel Benn, Prince Naseem Hamed, Amir Khan, Barry McGuigan, Henry Cooper etc. It doesn’t matter if their fighters win or lose. UK fans will continue to support and cheer for their fighters. That’s why I love their fans. They are not fickle like some of the fans in this country. If a fighter loses here then his value dropped significantly or he’s washed up and that aggravates me. The reason why the greats have losses is because they fought the best when their opponents were at their best, and they rebound from that lost and become even greater. Like a Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson.

America will cling on to other countries fighters from Europe and Russia quicker than they would with an established American boxer from an African descent. America/mainstream media, and television networks pushed Sergey Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin, Ricky Hatton, Klitschko brothers, and Joe Calzaghe. Neither of them are original citizens of America but they received that push. Vasyl Lomachenko who is an amazing talent and everything that he did in the ring he truly deserves. But even you have to admit, for Lomachenko getting a world title shot after his pro debut was a promoter and network push. I can’t remember a time when I seen a boxer get that type a push so early in his career.

Please do not mistake, I have nothing but respect for these warriors. All of the fighters I have mentioned above I believe are either good, great, in the Hall of Fame, or future Hall of Fame fighters.

Now let’s get to Deontay Wilder:


Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder is the WBC Heavyweight Champion and is still striving for respect in this country. He has finished all but one of his fights inside the distance; his knockout-to-win ratio stands slightly over 97%, with 19 knockouts in the first round, as well he has stopped every opponent he has faced.

Deontay is a Bronze Medalist in the 2008 Olympics. Fans have to understand that he was the third best in the world at that time as a heavyweight with just a 30-5 record. What he achieved in that short period of time is nothing short of amazing. To get a better perspective on how talented and raw Deontay Wilder is here is a few list of great heavyweight champions/legends amateur records who received medals in the Olympics:

Muhammad Ali 100-5

Vitali Klitschko 195-15

Wladimir Klitschko 134-6

Evander Holyfield 160-14

The last Bronze Medalist Heavyweight this country has had was Nate Jones in 1996 and the last Olympic Gold Medalist was former world heavyweight champion Ray Mercer in 1988. So, for the haters to minimize Deontay’s career accomplishments is an injustice. Yes, he is raw, and throughout the ranks he received more on the job training in the ring as a professional. With the tutelage of former world champion Mark Breland who has done an excellent job in developing and trying to guide him into a polish fighter. His team from the beginning has placed him in the ring with guys with similar records or the same amount of experience as him. Seven years after turning pro he wins the WBC Heavyweight Title and successfully has defended that title six times. He’s exciting to watch because he is truly vulnerable to be hit but at the same time he has devastating knockout power. He’s very charismatic, BOMBastic, fan-friendly, and when he does have you hurt he goes wild in trying to finish his opponent off. But that is what makes him exciting, so why is there so much disdain towards him. He looks to try to fight the best but it appears that the two top heavyweights at that time Povetkin and Ortiz had issues with their VADA anti-doping test results so those fights got cancelled, but a lot of fans are blaming Deontay Wilder for this. He moves on and fights the next person in line and on social media he is being labeled the “Bumsquad”. Which it’s not fair to him because he is fighting the best available that’s out there. He possesses a 39-0-38KO record and has KO/TKO every opponent he has faced and still no respect. With Luis Ortiz and Anthony Joshua on the horizon maybe sooner than later Deontay will get the respect from the majority of fans in America and turn those jeers into cheers.

The sad thing is that these promoters and certain networks in America only want to promote cocky, brash, vulgar, disrespectful boxers that cater to the incorrect stereotype of African Americans i.e. Floyd Money Mayweather and Adrien Broner.

Ernesto my friend, let me give you some advice. Always look objectively at a situation and study history. Use facts and intelligent opinions before making inflammatory comments like that. Try not to make decisions based off of emotions and always try to place yourself in the other guy shoes. I hope you read this and have a better global understanding about this situation.

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