GUEST ARTICLE: What Fight Should Gervonta Davis Take Next?

By Paul Kinsey
What is the next move for TMT’s prized possession, Gervonta Tank Davis?
Ever since the call out from Vasyl Lomachenko, and the admittance of not wanting the fight from Davis, the hate and disappointment have been pouring in for the former IBF World Champion.
Could some of this hate be caused by his promoter, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who feels Davis isn’t ready for the level of Lomachenko? What I thought was odd is, Floyd stated that he would like to see his prospect Brian Gallegos take the Lomachenko fight. Does this give tell that the prospect is better than the champion or is the promoter protecting his champ while throwing his prospect under the bus? Either way it seems to be a bit of bad business.
So what fight is next for Davis? What fight does he need to silence the hate? Lomachenko dealt with this same kind of hate before the Rigondeaux fight was signed. People said he was ducking and that he was afraid of Rigondeaux. After Lomachenko defeated Miguel Marriaga, the fans consistently stated that no other fight would matter except a fight with Rigondeaux. Has Floyd backed his fighter into the same corner? How will the fans respond to Davis if his next fight is against another lower level fighter?
The bright side for Davis is that the fans don’t want to see him in fights that we all know he can win. And if you’re constantly tweeting that you’re the best, well then prove it, there are plenty of great fights to get back on the upside of that claim.
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