GUEST ARTICLE: Florida State Boxing Commission Need to Reinstate Frank Gentile!

By: The People of the State of Florida

Just to give you an update on what is going on in Florida Boxing. In the beginning of this month Frank Gentile was terminated unjustly from his position of Assistant Execute Director of the Florida Boxing Commission. They didn’t even have the courage to tell him why he was being let go after 5 years of dedicated and faithful service.

As a former referee, judge, and inspector he has officiated over 400 bouts. An as the Assistant Executive Director he oversaw three times the amount.

Mr. Gentile was elected Vice President of the Association of Boxing Commissions in July of 2017 in which he currently holds today.

In June of 2016, Mr. Gentile was presented and awarded by the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame, The Lifetime Boxing Achievement Award. For all what he has done and continues to do for this great sport of ours. He has lead the charge in putting Florida Boxing not only back on the map, but back on primetime television.

Mr. Gentile is a military veteran who has served his country proudly and honorably. He is a teacher and has mentored many judges and referees on how to improve their craft. Mr. Gentile has his own boxing gym in Palm Bay, Florida on where he continues to give back and give young kids and adults, who are high risk, underprivileged, or just looking for a way out an opportunity to develop and hone their skills. He doesn’t just educate them on the physical aspects of boxing, but he teaches them about discipline, self- respect, respect for others and authority, and to complete school.

What Mr. Gentile brings to Florida Boxing with his 40 plus years of experience, knowledge, skill, and abilities you cannot replace. His integrity for the sport and the strong advocacy for the boxers is what the state of Florida needs. He holds everybody accountable. Even some promoters who tried to cut corners. Mr. Gentile was strictly by the book. He was fair but firm.

Mr. Gentile has the respect and admiration from all of his peers throughout the state. Boxers, champions, trainers, promoters, boxing physicians, judges, referees, Hall of Famers, and Executive Board of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame were all shocked and angry after hearing about his immediate and unjustified release.

Five-time world champion Antonio Tarver responded after he found out what happened to Frank Gentile: “What’s going on in the Florida Boxing Commission?!”

Former world champions like Nate Campbell, Francisco Arreola, Noemi Bosques has voice their outrage and displeasure of the Florida State Commission decision.

Even the World Boxing Council President Maurico Suliman has spoken out in his support of Mr. Gentile: ” The WBC has known Mr. Gentile for many years and he has always represented himself in a very positive way and has behaved in an honorable manner throughout the years. Mr. Gentile is a gentle, hardworking boxing executive who has at all times looked after the safety of the boxers and the integrity of the sport. The World Boxing Council considers Mr. Gentile an asset to the sport and most definitely support him at all times.”


The boxing community in this state, doesn’t have the confidence in the current leadership. The current Executive Director who is an attorney who is in charge of the Florida State Boxing Commission thinks that Joe Louis is one of his state inspectors that works for him and not one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. That’s a problem. When the Executive Director thinks it’s ok for heavyweight boxers to use 8-ounce gloves instead of 10-ounce gloves in a bout. That’s a problem. These are not jokes. When the Executive Director is so haughty, that he thinks he can run the state commission after only attending three live events is scary. Now you ask yourself, was he the best qualified or is it because of who he knows? Maybe it’s just coincidental that the former Executive Director who is now the Deputy Secretary (who also is an attorney) was essential and influential in his neighbor/friend in getting the job. Over the one who is next in line and best qualified, which is Mr. Frank Gentile.

Mr. Gentile made the Commission look so good over the years, that he and his supporting cast is the reason why his superiors have shined and received promotions. Now is this the way they thank him for his loyal service to the sport of boxing.

To remove and replace that type of talent, generational knowledge, and lifetime of experience with attorneys who really knows little to nothing about the sport and lacks the respect these warriors sacrifice daily just to make a living its utterly sad.

One of the commissioners even stood up and wrote a very meaningful letter to the executive leadership asking them why are they removing Mr. Gentile and requesting them to reconsider their decision. A few days later, that commissioner was too out of a job. Coincidental? I’ll let you decide.

Some people who works for or directly with the Commission are afraid to speak up, in fearing they might meet the same fate as their colleagues.

The people of the state of Florida is asking, where is the transparency? From the outside looking in, it appears that the powers to be do not want us to know what’s really going on. Whenever a department head or it representatives befriends someone and then remove him from his position this quickly without explanation, reason, or give them due process you start to wonder. In addition, they refuse to answer questions about the situation. From a distance this appears to be some sort of collusion by the state. I’ve seen and heard about this type of behavior before, either from a mafia movie or the District of Columbia past or present administration, I can’t remember. Their personal decision is not only going to hurt Florida boxing, but the state of Florida will lose revenue, and the Commission as a whole will lose credibility.

We are asking the powers to be keep politics out of boxing and reinstate Frank Gentile as the Assistant Executive Director or place him in the position he is best qualified for and deserve… Executive Director of the Florida State Boxing Commission.

If you want to let help out and speak against this horrid decision, you can contact:

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

(850) 488-7146

(850) 717-9249

(850) 488-5603

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3 Comments on GUEST ARTICLE: Florida State Boxing Commission Need to Reinstate Frank Gentile!

  1. George R Horvath // January 25, 2018 at 11:30 PM // Reply

    Mr. Gentile always put the boxers first . I coached with Frank for seven years when he was in Ohio. You couldn’t find a better man or coach

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christopher Young // January 31, 2018 at 12:37 PM // Reply

    When it comes to integrity, fairness, and accountability nobody does it better than Mr. Gentile. A mentor, teacher, and a leader. The Commission needs to dig deeper and do their due diligence in seeking the truth. They need to swallow their pride and come to the table and fix this. As of right now their is nobody I can think of that can replace the knowledge and the intestinal fortitude of a Mr. Gentile.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YES I FEEL THAT THE Florida State Boxing Commission Need to Reinstate Frank Gentile! THE BEST @ WHAT HE DOES WE STAND FOR 100%

    Liked by 1 person

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