GUEST ARTICLE: James ‘Jazza’ Dickens

The world of boxing would have you believe that the now notorious Guillermo Rigondeaux could not get a fight against a credible opponent for love nor money. Offers were made to many world level fighters to lace up the gloves and face the double Olympic gold medallist, each and every one rejected.

One man leapt at the chance to trade leather with the Cuban sensation and in doing so bypassed the traditional development routes of opposition at the same time. That man, the affable Jazza Dickens.

Established as a domestic level fighter, albeit with great potential, it was a shock to all when news broke of Dickens fighting the long-standing WBA Super Bantamweight World Champion. Never the less, Dickens locked horns with the man of the hour, giving a good representation of himself in the process. Duly stopped with a horrific jaw injury in the 2nd round the contest was over and with it so were Jazza Dickens hopes of being a world champion, for now.

The highly religious, yet highly mischievous Scouser was soon back to the drawing board. New ideas were sought, with Miami and Tenerife tested as potential training locations, before a set up with Derry Mathews and co. at Derry’s Gym was found to be the best fit.

Back to the drawing board indeed, Jazza is fighting out of a gym local to his home in Liverpool, a gym that is quickly gaining a reputation for its industrial, old school hard working methods. An ideal fit for a fighter of the same ilk, after all wasn’t Derry Mathews himself a similar kind of throwback fighter who took on all comers?

Ever humble and modest, Jazza has voiced his intention to get back into title contention and ‘rebuild’ though this shouldn’t be a rebuild in the traditional sense. This won’t be a two-year project aimed at rebuilding confidence and shaking ring rust. In fact, he is due to contest the British title again soon.

A pro for over seven years, it is easy to forget that Jazza is still a young man at just 26 years old and with a dedication to ‘living the life’ matched by few others, it is highly conceivable that he may just reach the heights he so clearly yarns for.

One thing is for sure, any world champions out there who are seeking a fight will find it here with the ever-confident southpaw. But approach with caution, as the kid looks to be learning every day and coupled with the tutelage provided by Derry Mathews & his experienced team, it is only a matter of time before we are backing Jazza to win these fights. It seems we are the last to listen to the words spoken by himself, let’s share his belief and get behind him.

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