GUEST ARTICLE: GF of Boxing Mailbag

By Christopher Jason Young


Today’s mailbag we are going to discuss this upcoming fight with Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz, and cover topics on Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr., and more.

Will or should Deontay Wilder get credit if he defeats Luis Ortiz. I mean, Ortiz is close to being 40 years old and Deontay is in his prime. Personally, I don’t see this as being a competitive fight.


Deontay Wilder should get full credit if he gets pass King Kong. Luis Ortiz is undefeated with an 80% knockout ratio. He has a stellar amateur pedigree with incredible counter punching skill. Please remember this. It’s not really how old you are its about how many miles are on your body. Ortiz is 38 years old who turned pro at 30, and he is the former WBA interim Heavyweight Champion. Ortiz last 15 fights only one fight went to distance, so I say yes he gets full credit. But if Deontay makes this fight look easy some may try to take the credit from Deontay. I’m not going to write off Ortiz because he is a better all around pure boxer than Deontay. As a fan I’m pulling for Deontay, but this will not be a cake walk. I’m working that night but trust me I will not miss this fight. I can see both men getting hurt in this one.

Why does everyone celebrate Muhammad Ali? Did they forget that he was a racist and a draft dodger? Yes, he was a good fighter, but he wasn’t the greatest of all time. Yes, he might be the victim of his time but he was who he was.

I was going to put your name to this direct message on Twitter, but I am not going to make you famous. It appears that you are either ignorant or you just trying to get a reaction out of me. So, I’m going to give you both.

First off how can you call Ali a racist when he was a victim of racism. How can you call a person victim of rape or child molestation an instigator or baiter when the molester or the animal is the perpetrator of the act?

Muhammad or Cassius at that time represented his country the United States of America in the Olympics and came home with the Gold. He comes back to Louisville with the Gold Medal around his neck. He goes to a diner and tries to order something to eat, and the lady at the front counter told him, ” We don’t serve Negroes.” He was forced to leave. After what he did in representing his country they still saw him as a second-class citizen. That is the reason he threw his Gold Medal in the river.

During the Civil Rights Era there was a lot of resistance from the establishment to keep things they way they were. Several great men and freedom fighters were killed in trying to stand up and change the status quo.

So he was with many that stood up and spoke the truth. And even to this day, the establishment hates when a Black or African American is vocal. They do not like their mirror held up in front of them because in reality they hate what they see.

The term draft dodger I take offense to because he was not a draft dodger. I am a US Army Veteran and I salute Muhammad Ali for standing what’s right. Think about this for a second. You first test Ali to see if he is mentally and intellectually stable and smart enough to be drafted. He fails the test and label him a 1Y. Less than a month the government reclassified him as a 1A without retesting him. Why is that? Let’s take it another step further. You want to send thousands upon thousands of Blacks to Vietnam to give their life and kill another people of color to liberate and “establish democracy” to rights to the Vietnamese. But the Blacks in this country couldn’t enjoy the same freedoms. When they came back they were still second-class citizens and other racial epithets.

At Ali fights they will hurl racial slurs at him during his fights. In 1970 before his comeback fight, there was an attempt on his life when a group of white men shot up his training camp in Georgia.

Ali had a lot diverse friends and many of them were white, who he loved and respected that looked. So please spare me your repeated, ignorant rhetoric. Ali was a great humanitarian and the voice of the people. He went from the most hated to the most beloved, so let me ask you this…what side of history are you going to be on? The right side or racist side?

Is a boxer’s 0 in the loss category really that important?

It’s the fans that emphasize that 0. For the last 7-8 years, I’ve seen fighters get written off just because they loss a few fights. Let me explain this to you. This generation is trying to emulate Floyd Mayweather. He has made his money in protecting that 0 in making the best business decisions. If you truly fight the best at their best and in their prime, then yes you may take some “L’s”. Look at the great fighters from yesterday like Roberto Duran, Henry Armstrong, Mathew Saad Muhammad, and Archie Moore all lost before they won or regained the championship. The fight fans and the network need to stop placing a price on that 0. This is the reason why you have so much posturing in boxing now, because it is now a business decision. Instead of fighting the best at their best now they are fighting the best at the “right time.” So, the fans need to value these warriors who are not afraid to let that 0 go and demand from the networks and promoters the fight you all want to see,

How good was Roy Jones? He just had his last fight in Pensacola, and I have heard that he was phenomenal but when I got the chance to see him he was always getting knocked out.

Baby “G”

I was there in Pensacola for his final fight and I was able to get a picture with him at the after party. By your question I assume that you are very young so I’m not going to beat you up to bad. The fighter that is Roy Jones Jr. is to me is a top five greatest pound for pound fighter ever!!! Please go to YouTube and watch this man career highlights. He was something to behold. If I had to describe Roy Jones Jr. I would say he is a combination of a Muhammad Ali and a Sugar Ray Leonard. The hand speed, foot work, the athleticism, and punching power was nothing we have seen before. This generation wants to say Floyd Mayweather is the best ever, but I tell them they are sadly mistaken. From 1993-2003 Roy was at his complete best. To quote ESPN and HBO Boxing Analysts Max Kellerman on how good Roy was….”I want people to understand this, Kids you know Floyd Mayweather, he’s been the best pound for pound a long unbroken time right? In boxing. Then he puts distance between himself and everyone else. He’s like this and everyone is below him. Floyd was in his prime when Roy was in his prime. For years, and years and years. Not a single person on earth, ever wonder was Floyd as is good as Roy? Do you understand how good Roy Jones was? It’s like when Jordan was in his prime and Shaq was coming up, no one ever asked is Shaq as good as Jordan. The day Jordan retires, Shaq puts that same distance between him and everyone else. That’s who Jordan was, that’s who Roy was. He puts distance between him and Floyd like Floyd puts more distances even then Floyd puts between everyone else. Roy is the best I ever seen in person with my own eyes, they couldn’t touch him. Just go look at old clips of Roy not from 10 years ago but from 15 years ago. This is how good Roy was. Remember when Mike Tyson knockout Michael Spinks? This was the distant past. Everyone thought Mike Tyson they wouldn’t say it out loud, but they would say he is going to be the greatest fighter ever. He’s going to be better than Ali, he’s going to be better than Sugar Ray Robinson, he’s going to be the greatest ever. That is what people were thinking. The old timers weren’t saying it, but everyone was thinking it. If I told you on that night, that there was an amateur junior middleweight who is never going to come close in losing a fight. Should have won a Gold Medal but got ripped off. Won titles at middleweight, super-middleweight, jumped up to light-heavyweight, jumped up to heavyweight, beat a top 5 heavyweight and won day open 2:1 to beat Mike Tyson. You would say that’s not possible, you are describing the best fighter ever. That’s how we perceived Roy Jones when he beat John Ruiz. This guy may challenge Sugar Ray Robinson for the number one pound for pound spot of all time”

You can not erase history, what Roy has accomplished will never be duplicate not in this life time. May not ever. Roy won the middleweight title, goes up and when the super-middleweight title, won, unified, and became the undisputed light- heavyweight champion. Move up to heavyweight, become the WBA Champion, then move back down and lose 26 pounds of muscle and won the light-heavyweight title.

Jones holds the record for the most wins in unified light heavyweight title bouts in boxing history, at twelve. The Ring magazine named Jones the Fighter of the Year in 1994, and the World Boxing Hall of Fame named him the Fighter of the Year for 2003. He is also a three-time winner of the Best Boxer ESPY Award (1996, 2000, and 2003). The Boxing Writers Association of America named him as the Fighter of the Decade for the 1990s. There is reason why it’s been 106 years since a middleweight have won a heavyweight title. That is who Roy Jones is. He made extraordinary fighters look ordinary.

Thank you, Roy, for everything you have given to the sport.

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