GUEST ARTICLE: The Talking Stops: Whyte and Browne go head to head this weekend

By Samuel Marhraoui

Dillian Whyte faces Lucas Browne this weekend in what is set to be a gruelling grudge match between the pair. The fighter from Brixton aims to pick up the WBC silver heavyweight title against Browne on Saturday night.

The ‘Body Snatcher’ Whyte has worked ruthlessly to claw his way up the WBC rankings beating the likes of Derek Chisora and Robert Helenius on the way and is so close to a potential title shot against WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Dillian has overcome major surgery to his shoulder in his battle to work his way up the rankings and will not want to come short in what might be the final hurdle in the form of Australian fighter Lucas Browne.

Bounded by controversy

Lucas Browne and the term controversy seem to go hand in hand and the build-up to his bout with Whyte at the O2 arena on Saturday has proved to be no different. Whyte labelled Browne a “scumbag” and a “racist” on social media, the two have been back and forth over the last few months on twitter throwing a number of insults each other’s way making for a rather unfriendly promotion. Former doorman Browne has been extremely inactive only fighting once since his win over Ruslan Chagaev back in 2016 to become the WBA champion, however, Browne later had that title removed after he failed a drug test.


Browne was stripped of his WBA title after failing a drug test.

Stakes are high for the bout, both fighters really can’t afford to lose which makes the affair all the more intriguing, in order to fight the world’s best Whyte can’t lose to a fighter who has only fought once in 2 years and has a reputation of being a drug cheat in the past. Lucas Browne (38) might as well wave goodbye to his heavyweight career if he loses to Whyte this weekend.

Whyte (29) won’t want the fierce build up that has occurred to affect his mentality in what is an extremely high-risk bout, Dillian has been deemed as reckless in the past so he will be looking to put on a show for the crowd in London by providing an exceptional performance. However, Browne claims that he will only need to land one punch to finish the fight.

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