GUEST ARTICLE: Tony Bellew V David Haye 2 Report

Britain's Tony Bellew, right, knocks down his countryman David Haye during the boxing heavyweight rematch bout between Tony Bellew and David Haye at the O2 Arena in London, Saturday, May 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

By Joe Haslam

A packed out O2 Arena saw Tony Bellew repeat his victory over David Haye in their rematch with a fantastic TKO victory.

Bellew floored Haye twice in the third round, and Haye just couldn’t recover as the Merseysider stalked Haye around the ring looking for the finishing shot to end the fight. The fight was eventually waved off in the fifth round after the 37-year-old was on the receiving end of a barrage of punches from the ‘Bomber’.

Haye may be forced to consider retirement due to this defeat coupled with the injury problems he has endured in his last few fights as well as him seeming to struggle with a problem in his right leg in this fight, just like he suffered in the first bout.

As for Bellew, he can look forward to having some major fight offers on the table either at heavyweight or cruiserweight as he can move on from the David Haye fights.

Haye, with his boxing future on the line, took his time to get to the ring taking in the moment and was wearing headphones to keep himself focused. Bellew made his way through the crowd as his ‘Z-Cars’ entrance song echoed around the arena.

The first round was rather quiet as both fighters looked to get a feel for the fight; it was actually Haye that landed the most significant shots in this round landing a good right hand late in the round.

Bellew seemed happy to be on the back foot in the second round waiting patiently for an opening to allow him the counter. Haye landed another heavy right hand which caught Bellew.

In the third round, Bellew looked to up the tempo and floored Haye after the pair traded hooks at close range. Haye managed to get back to his feet, rather unsteadily mind you, but the fight was still ongoing. Bellew wasted no time in sending Haye to the canvas again after another exchange between the pair, it was this knockdown that seemed to aggravate the leg injury Haye suffered in the first fight against Bellew.

Bellew just couldn’t find the finishing shot in the fourth round after piling on the relentless pressure, firing hooks and right hands at Haye who stumbled around the ring but managed to see out the round.

A fantastic heavy left hook from Bellew sent Haye down again in the fifth round and shortly after the referee waved the fight off stopping Haye on his feet in what could be his last fight.

Tony Bellew produced a fantastic performance to earn himself another stoppage win and can look forward to some big fights after he put the David Haye saga to bed. Haye may take some time to reflect on this fight, analysing his performance before he makes a decision on whether he will retire or not. If he is to retire he should be remembered as a great British fighter who has held championships in two weight classes, taking on all-comers.

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