By Dan Davies

When and why did you start boxing?

I started boxing in 2010 because I wanted to try a different sport other than football and I wanted a better body.


How was your amateur career?

I had 38 fights as an amateur and they went really well. I won 2 Midlands Titles, 7 Staffordshire Titles, 1 England Gold Medal, 1 England Gold Belt and 1 National Title. I boxed under Meir ABC where I won 8 out of my first 10 fights before moving to Tom Lowe ABC and won 24 out of 28 fights for them.


Why did you decide to turn over to the pro game?

I had been in the amateur game quite a while and all’s that I ever wanted to do was become national champion so when I achieved that I got a bit bored and needed something that gave me a speak and buzz for boxing again, so I turned over with Scott Lawton


You turned pro with ex-fighter Scott Lawton, how much influence has he had on your boxing ability?

Scott’s knowledge and raining methods have brought me on leaps and bounds. He has had a positive effect on me and my career & has followed through with all the promises and he made when I turned over and I think he can get me to the top of the pro game because he’s been there and done it.


What have you found the most difficult part of turning professional?

Getting used to not fighting very often as well as the difference in the pace and style. I have had to mix my style with a professional style which was tough at first but is working well for me now.


You’re currently 3-0 and learning your trade in the pro ranks, how are you finding the transition?

I’m really enjoying it & loving listening and learning from my team. I feel that I have so much to bring to the pro game and can make a big impact on my division.


Can you tell us about the sparring you’ve had up at Gallagher’s Gym?

I managed to get some sparring with Paul Bulter, who is a former world champion, Stephen Smith, Scotty Cardle and Anthony ‘Million Dollar’ Crolla. I’ve always been a huge fan of Anthony Crolla since I started boxing so getting to share the ring with a world champion was amazing. I learned a lot and showed them what I could do. I had really good feedback from all of the boxers there and I hope to be back there soon with Crolla.


What do you know about your next opponent for 29thSeptember?

He’s a tough cookie to crack & he’s going to come for the win on the 29thso it’s my job to spoil his plans


How has camp gone for the 29th?

Camp has gone as well as it could have, and I feel fantastic ahead of my fight!


What is the plan moving forward in terms of amount of fights before titles etc.?

The plan is to get September out of the way and try to get one more fight in before the end of the year & then start working my way towards a midlands title shot in 2019 and work my way through the British rankings


How far do you feel that you can go in the pro game?

I hand on heart feel that if I stay grounded and keep learning, I can reach European level if not world level, who knows? I want to go all the way in the game and I’m in it for titles and the long run! I want the British, Commonwealth and European titles 100%!


The lightweight division is stacked at domestic level, are there any fighters that are on your radar?

Let’s see what the next 12 months hold but anyone that’s in my way I want & I want to make the fights that the public want to see!


What can people to expect to see when they come to see you box?

As always, fireworks & a performance! I’m not in the ring to be basic and boring, I’m in there to bring new things to the table, It’s going to be an exciting and intense performance with lots of energy and speed!


Where can people but tickets for your next fight?

Contact me guys on 07754564334! Tickets are £35 and £60.


Where can people follow you on social media?

Follow me on the following:

Snapchat: kbuttery80

Instagram: @KaashButtery

Facebook: Kaash Buttery or Kaash Buttery Official Page

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