By Liam Campbell

Deontay Wilder, WBC world heavyweight champion, will come face to face with lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the biggest fight of his career so far on December 1st in the USA. However, has this fight come too soon for Fury with his comeback after nearly three years out of the ring consisting of only two fights with both of these fights being quite pathetic and not allowing for Fury to build himself up for the hardest hitting heavyweight in the professional game at this present time.

When this fight was first rumoured I was extremely sceptical as to whether it would take place or not due to the fact Fury has had to reduce his weight from a massive 27.5st to a slimmer 18.5st in such a short amount of time and with only two comeback fights in quick succession it is hard to see how he could be back to the standard we saw him perform at against Wladimir Klitschko back in November 2015 as it is this standard of boxing that would be needed to defeat the unbeaten force that is Wilder. However, now the fight has been confirmed Fury has sent out a huge message to the heavyweight division showing he is back and ready to take on the best and I do believe, with the right mindset and training, he is capable of causing an upset in December.

Taking this fight now may have been an incredible decision by Fury as Wilder has no reason to avoid this fight against a proven heavyweight like he has been accused of doing with other fights before and as he most probably would have done if Tyson was back to his best, which would have unfortunately left Fury with a missed opportunity at the WBC heavyweight title and the recognition as the first heavyweight to beat the dangerous Deontay Wilder. Also by taking this fight early into his comeback, it gives Wilder nothing to go by regarding Fury’s current form apart from two quite comical fights luring him into a state of overconfidence allowing a fully fit and ready Tyson to appear on the day and destroy an underprepared Wilder.

Fury’s skillset as a boxer is extremely unique and effective and if he can regain full fitness and complete a hard and successful camp ahead of this bout it will hopefully bring out the skilled approach we saw him take against Klitschko that saw him win the IBF, IBO and WBA titles to add to his WBO title. As Tyson continues to gradually lose weight and become more comfortable at this weight we should see a lot more speed and footwork from him and these are two aspects that I believe Wilder will struggle to keep up with. As for his punch power, this should not have changed from how it was before his time out from the sport, it should be destructive and clinical. Although his overall power may be less than Wilder’s who is renowned for this trait, if Fury is allowed a clean path through to his chin then I strongly believe it is curtains for the WBC champion.

As for Wilder this is without a doubt the biggest fight of his career and it is possible that he is the one who may have made a mistake coming up against the lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who is a ten times better fighter compared to anyone he has fought before, so soon without ring experience from some better heavyweights like Dillian Whyte or Dominic Breazeale. It is extremely important for Wilder to understand the danger that Fury brings to the ring and not underestimate him so he can prepare accordingly as he will not be able to get away with turning up looking to land one huge shot as Tyson is too skilled for these antics and will box his way right around it.

Wilder’s biggest flaws were exposed during his fight against Ortiz where during the 7th and 8th rounds Wilder was shaken by a huge left hand that left him wobbly on his legs and was almost finished after Ortiz put in some hard work to the body. However, Ortiz allowed Wilder time to recover who then finished the fight in the 10th round via knockout. This slip up from Wilder shows how vulnerable he can be at times and if Fury can put him into these situations and then not allow him time to recover then the fight will be his for the taking.

So no is the answer to the big question, this fight really is not too early for Fury and he definitely has the capability to take the WBC title from Wilder in December as long as he trains hard and does not underestimate Deontay who is one of the most dangerous heavyweights we have ever seen. We must not forget however that Wilder likewise has the punch power to knock out Fury and I’m sure this is what he will be going for making this an exciting 50 / 50 bout that will for sure grab the attention of boxing fans across the globe with the winner of this fight becoming the favourite to come up against Anthony Joshua in a unification fight like no other.

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