‘Off The Canvas’ is boxing podcast launching to coincide with World Mental Health Day (10thOctober), with a different episode coming out each day that week, speaking to some of the leading men within boxing about their personal experiences with mental health.

The line-up includes:

  • Recent Carl Frampton opponent and Olympian, Luke Jackson, who continues to manage the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that once nearly drove him to suicide
  • Footballer turned boxer and one of the key voices on mental health within the sport, Leon McKenzie 
  • Sky Sports pundit, who had his own boxing career devastatingly ended 20 years ago, Spencer Oliver
  • Emerging Light Heavyweight boxer, Charlie Duffield, who tragically lost his brother when he took his own life


The rationale for ‘Off The Canvas’, which is hosted by Nik Hobbs, is to try and inspire more men to feel comfortable talking about mental illness, by showcasing that some of the perceived ‘strongest’ men around have also suffered and managed to win their toughest fight.


Paddy Hobbs, Co-Creator of Off The Canvas: “The aim for Off The Canvas is to ultimately use the platform of boxing to try and raise awareness of issues of mental illness within a predominately male audience. We’ve been incredibly fortunate that some amazing guests have agreed to come on and speak to us so openly on topics that are clearly very personal to them. If the podcast series has some kind of positive impact on just one person, then we’ll see this as a massive knockout success.”


The first episode will be live across Audioboom and iTunes at 7am 8th October but people can subscribe to it here now


People can also follow on Twitter at @OffTheCanvasPod

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