By Christopher Young

The fight with Charlo vs. Harrison was a bad decision. Why did these judges do such a thing? So what’s going to happen? Is this decision going to stick? Now the Russian almost beat the older twin. He’s small but he’s a tough competitor.

H.H. from Paterson

I have been seeing this on social media all weekend about this fight. Whenever there is a “controversial” decision and you guys send me direct messages about my opinion on a fight, I feel that you are all putting me on the spot, because of what I do. Not all boxing officials are built the same but the 4 criteria have never changed. I will tell you how I saw the fight but first let me remind you of what judges use to score a fight in this exact order:

  1. Clean punching is when the boxer is landing the cleaner and harder punches on his opponent. Usually, the boxer who lands the cleanest punches wins that round. BUT let’s say Boxer A lands clean 5 jabs and Boxer B lands 2 hooks and a cross in a round then Boxer B most likely won that round, because he landed the heavier and more damaging punches
  2. Effective aggressiveness is the boxer who is trying to make the fight AND is effective. Just because boxer A is moving forward and is not landing anything meaningful doesn’t mean he is winning. Boxer B could be using excellent defence and countering Boxer A with clean punches.
  3. Ring Generalship is who is generally controlling the action and putting himself into position to land clean punches, or employing a strategy to make his opponent fight his fight.
  4. Defence is the ability to avoid taking punishment. Whether it’s to parry (Jack Johnson), slip (Roberto Duran), bob and weave (Joe Frazier and Mike Tyson), Shoulder roll (James Toney and Floyd Mayweather, blocking with your forearms (Winky Wright and Ike Quartey), lean out of the way and lateral movement (Muhammad Ali). Defence helps you set up your offence.  That doesn’t mean you can run all over the ring to avoid contact and not trying to score. This would probably guarantee the boxer a huge loss and never get any work ever again.

Now since that is out the way, let me explain something to everybody that is reading this. When you have a boxer that is getting pushed by the promotional company, there is a chance that some not all commentators may be a slight bias on who they want to win. They will tell narrate the story on how they see the fight and the people at home who are listening and are a novice on how to score the fight can be persuaded. It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to efficiently judge a boxing match and have a conversation at the same time. The commentators are narrating what they believe is happening in the ring. At the same time, they have a TV producer in their headset giving them Q’s and instructions on the upcoming replay in between rounds. The fans at home don’t hear it but what replay the TV producer chooses and the commentary of the replay can sway the public opinion on what’s really going. Let’s not forget the unofficial judge that is sitting right next to the commentators. He is able to hear everything on what is being said. So he too can be influenced by what is said around him. That’s why whenever there is a close fight, more than likely the unofficial scorecard from the judge sitting next to the play by play announcer is going to be different than the official judges at ringside. I personally believe that ringside judges should wear soundproof headsets when judging a fight. That way the crowd and sidebar chatter doesn’t affect their ability to judge. Trust me on this, judging a high profile fight at ringside it’s not as easy as people think. The best way to judge a fight at home is with the sound off. Let your eyes be the judge.

Now back to your questions. Thank you for keeping it short, even though my answers are long. No, I didn’t think it was a bad decision but I do believe the fight was close. Tony Harrison is legit. Anybody from the Legendary Kronk Gym and was a pupil of the Late Great Emmanuel Steward can fight. I have seen Tony Harrison fight in person and he has a great authoritative jab and a wonderful one-two. Harrison majority of the night dictated the pace of the fight and landed the more telling punches. Don’t get me wrong Harrison was hurt in the last round, but Charlo to me only had one thing on his mind and that was to knock Tony out. Meanwhile Tony was controlling the real estate with Charlo throwing bombs and he missed a lot. Charlo was following Tony around the ring instead of cutting the ring off effectively. To Charlo’s credit, he did press the action. The decision will stand because all 3 judges had Harrison winning two judges had it 115-113 (7 rounds to 5) and the other judge had it 116-112 (8 rounds to 4). I personally had Charlo winning 115-113, but I can see how the judges would have it 115-113 for Harrison. A side note when Jimmy Lennon Jr. was announcing the winners and he said the judges have a unanimous decision, Tony Harrison walked away from the referee and went to the other side of the ring facing the crowd. Then Jimmy Lennon Jr. said, “And the winner is….” watch Tony Harrison start to applaud like he was conceding defeat.

Now what’s going to happen is that I expect the rematch between these Harrison and Charlo to happen sometime in March or April. Book that. But Charlo has to have a cooler head and go with the game plan that I plan to box Harrison for 12 rounds and if the knockout comes it comes.

Now with the main event between Korobov and Charlo was a good fight. Halfway through the main event I was texting a friend of mine and said this may not be a good night for the Charlo twins. Korobov has an excellent amateur pedigree. He was landing great shots on Charlo all night long. I believe that the older twin started anxiously due to his mental stress of watching his brother lose on national TV and he’s up next to perform. The main event was close with 2 rounds that could have gone either way. I gave Korobov 5 rounds he clearly won. I gave Charlo 5 rounds I believe he won convincingly and then there were 2 rounds that could have gone either way. With Korobov I gave him round 2,4,5,8, and 10. Charlo I have given him round 1,3,6,7 and 12, with round 9 and 11 up in the air. The judge that gave Charlo 119-108 I have to totally disagree with. That’s basically saying that Jermall Charlo won 11 rounds to 1. 116-112 (8 rounds to 4)score is respectable but I could not go any lower than that. Like I said before the judges at ringside have the best seat in the house and I my advantage point at home is different than the view in the bird seat.


What is your opinion on heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry

Old school all the way

Probably the most underrated heavyweight contender in heavyweight history. It’s sad to say the Bellflower Bomber as good as he came up in one of the best eras in heavyweight history. You had the who’s who of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Jimmy Ellis, George Chavalo, etc.

He happens to get the loss as far as talent goes of that time. There was a big push for Quarry to get a shot at the title on a few occasions, but he couldn’t quite get over the hump. He was an excellent counter-puncher with quick hand speed and good left hook. His only downfall was that he could be easily cut in fights and his head movement wasn’t the best.

Jerry Quarry had some notable wins against the likes of devastating puncher Earnie Shavers by first-round technical knockout, decision win in a rematch against 2-time world champion Floyd Patterson. (Some sports writers feel that Quarry won the first fight, but it was declared a majority draw), a win over hard-hitting Ron Lyle, stoppage win over heavyweight knock out artist with 100% knockout percentage in Mac Foster, a unanimous win over Buster Mathis, stoppage of Thad Spencer, and a disputed decision loss for the vacant WBA heavyweight title against Jimmy Ellis.

Jerry Quarry was not robotic, he was very fluid in his movement in the ring. His punch selection and the combination was on point. His heart and his desire to be great was insurmountable. If Jerry Quarry was fighting today in his prime he would be a world champion in the cruiserweight division. Trust me on that. His only flaw that I see with Jerry was that he cuts real easy (His fights with Ali 2x’s, Frazier 2x’s, and Norton all ended with TKO stoppages due to cuts), he fought in “The Golden Age Of Heavyweight Boxing”and he had a granite chin that helped him his career, but injured him in life which led to him suffering from pugilistic dementia. Hopefully, this generation would actually study the career of Jerry Quarry and really get to appreciate how good he was. Being shadowed by the likes of Ali, Frazier, Foreman, and Norton. It’s hard for his light to shine when the sun is out.

What’s going on in your state of Florida. I have seen a lot of events taking off from a boxing and MMA side as of late. I’ve seen alot of events from FiteTV, Telemundo, DAZN, UFC Fight Pass, and PPV. I know that you are on the inside, is the state of Florida going to be the next big fight state?


Me on the inside? No, but I do know a lot of people who are on the inside. But I hope you are right. The state of Florida has a lot of big cities that can host big events. Cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauerdale, and Pensacola Not only that boxing and MMA are big in these parts. As long as the current boxing officials keep performing like they do, I mean when fighters from outside this state feel comfortable in fighting here, they will come. I have been told from a fighter from Texas, Georgia, and outside this country love fighting here because they feel they will receive a fair shake. To me, that’s a compliment to what the Florida State Boxing Commission stands for. I expect 2019 to be a big year, but it will kick off the year off right on January 5, 2019 The Class of 2019 Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Announcement at the:

SJC Boxing Open House

1929 Winkler Ave

Ft. Myers, Florida, 33901

From Noon-5pm

Light Refreshments

The 2019 Announcement will be made at 3pm

Past inductees are Ray Mercer, Pinklon Thomas, Tony Tucker, Aaron Pryor, Cornelius Boza Edwards, Derrick Smoke Gainer, Harold Lederman, Buddy McGuirt, Christy Martin, Ronald Winky Wright, Michael Moorer, John David Jackson, Kenny Adams, Marvin Camel, Alex Stewart, Trevor Berbick, Don King, Muhammad Ali, Hector Macho Camacho Sr. Alexis Arguello, Mike MacCallum, Franciso Arreola, Howard Davis, Lou Duva, Roberto Duran, Alter Merckenson, Al Berstein, John The Beast Mugabi, trainer Jimmy Williams, The Fight Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, Wilfredo Vazquez, Angelo Dundee, Brian Garry, Max Parker Jr. and many more.

This Florida State Hall of Fame has credibility. I wonder who will be announced for the 2019 class.

On a side note: I am happy that former light-heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson is now awake from his coma and is resting easy at the hospital. Sometimes fanatical fans have a tendency to get carried away on critically critiquing fighters they don’t like or despise. I have heard and read some sick and disheartening comments about the champ while he is still fighting for his life. I want everyone to remember this. The warriors that put their life on the line to feed their family and to entertain us are human beings with a soul. That is somebody’s loved one that is sacrificing and putting everything on the line to do prove that they are the best. The people that are being disrespectful/keyboard gangsters have never and will never experience what these warriors go through. During this time of recovery and any other warrior that has put it all on the line I just ask for you to keep your negative comments to yourself. How can a man or woman move forward when you keep pulling up their past transgressions? Every time a person does something positive, the haters want to say something negative. Stop kicking a person while they are down. Try to uplift. You reap what you sow. Adonis Stevenson, you get better and we will continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers.

To the rest of the fight fans, you be safe during the holidays and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You can send questions and comments to my email or on Twitter @GFofBoxing.

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