Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World Tyson Fury will appear at the exclusive Hinterlands venue in Liverpool on June 15.

Fury has been travelling the country post his clash with Deontay Wilder, connecting with his ever-growing fanbase in the wake of him signing one of the biggest deals in boxing history with Top Rank and ESPN which is reportedly worth around the 80 million dollar figure.

This mega-deal with ESPN and Top Rank has not affected Fury’s outreach into the sports community in the British Isles, which he uses not just to talk about the past, present and future of his own career, but to raise awareness of mental health.

Gold Star Promotions are those responsible for bringing the Gypsy King to Liverpool for the first time, with former British and European Thai Boxing Champion Darren O’Connor being at the forefront of the June 15 event.

O’Connor opened up about bringing Fury to Liverpool. He said, “I’m delighted that myself and my partners at Gold Star Promotions have been able to secure Tyson Fury for this massive event on June 15 at the Hinterlands venue in Liverpool.

“Fury is the real heavyweight champion of the world, and his story is an inspirational one. So to be able to help showcase his story to the people in Liverpool is a really special thing to be a part of.”

O’Connor continued, discussing his own career in Thai Boxing and how that has rolled into putting on this event with Tyson Fury.

O’Connor said, “I was British and European Thai Boxing Champion, and I run a gym called Thai Style in Liverpool. We put on Thai Boxing shows on a regular basis so this is nothing new to me from an events perspective aside from the person involved being Tyson Fury.

“Fury has inspired people in not just boxing but in all forms of combat sports and sports in general, so why not put on an event involving him that can bring the sports community of Liverpool together.”

Tickets for Gold Star’s event with Tyson Fury in Liverpool on June 15 are available by calling 07587 894 597 or by visiting

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