IBO World Champion Chantelle Cameron discusses plans to become a 2 Weight World Champion & link up with Jamie Moore & MTK Global

Chantelle Cameron has got the buzz back for boxing, as the IBO World Lightweight Champion is flying under the guidance of Jamie Moore and new management team MTK.


The Northampton native became world champion in 2017 in what was a blistering performance for someone who was only competing in her fifth professional contest. Matters outside of the ring prevented Cameron from progression in a way that many would have seen for her, however, things are appearing to change under the guidance of her new team in 2018 BBBofC trainer of the year Jamie Moore and management powerhouses MTK Global.


Chantelle opened up about her move to MTK Global and trainer Jamie Moore, “I am enjoying boxing again, I love training with Jamie and I’m adding a lot to my game now. MTK Global have been fantastic and everything has been put into place for me to be successful in my career. I don’t have to worry about the logistics of me fighting or training camp. It is all in place and that’s giving me the ability to add another dimension to my game in the ring.”


Cameron does not appear to content with being a world champion and has her eyes set on becoming a multi-weight world champion if the highly discussed showdown with Katie Taylor doesn’t come off. The current IBO World Lightweight Champion discussed both possibilities, “I would love to fight Katie Taylor, we’re at the same weight and she’s got 3 belts, I have one so why not put them all up and have a massive fight for Britain and Ireland. It would be great for women’s boxing in both countries.


“I think the Katie Taylor will fight in the near future and I really hope it does but for now I am looking at moving up to Light Welterweight and becoming a 2 weight world champion. That is the immediate plan for 2019 and I believe that MTK Global can deliver that for me and Jamie Moore and the team can get me in the correct shape to become a 2 weight world champion.”

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