5.30pm ET first bell

4 x 3 mins            Anthony Concepcion 158.6lbs     vs.          Yasmani Pedroso 160.2lbs
Providence, Rhode Island                          Miami, Florida
Followed by:

8 x 2 mins            Shelly Vincent 127.8lbs                  vs.          Simone Da Silva 125.1lbs
Providence, Rhode Island                            Sao Paulo, Brazil
Followed by:

4 x 3 mins            Raymond Ford 125.9lbs                 vs.          Isidro Figueroa 126.8lbs
Camden, New Jersey                                    Sonora, Mexico
7:00pm ET

6 x 3 mins            Otha Jones Jr. 131.4lbs                   vs.          Matias Arriagada 128.4lbs
Toledo, Ohio                                                   Buenos Aires, Argentina
Followed by:

10 x 3 mins         Mark Deluca 157.8lbs                     vs.        Brandon Brewer 157.4lbs
Whitman, Massachusetts                             Nackawic, Canada
Followed by:

4 x 3 mins            Alexis Espino 163.8lbs                     vs.          Kirby St. Juste 158.8lbs
Las Vegas, Nevada                                         Trenton, New Jersey

9:00pm ET

12 x 3 mins WBA World Super-Flyweight championship
Khalid Yafai 114.5lbs                       vs.          Norbelto Jimenez 114.5lbs
Birmingham, England                                     Villa Duarte, D.R.
Followed by:

12 x 3 mins         Joseph Parker 241.5lbs                   vs.          Alex Leapai 254.2lbs
Auckland, New Zealand                                 Logan City, Australia
Followed by:

12 x 3 mins WBO World Middleweight championship
Demetrius Andrade 159.9lbs       vs.          Maciej Sulecki 159.5lbs
Providence, Rhode Island                          Warsaw, Poland


4/6 x 3 mins        Anthony Marsella, Jr. 137.8lbs    vs.          Jose Aubel 136.4lbs
Providence, Rhode Island                          Monte Caseros, Argentina

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