Dave Allen: “I’ll be very surprised if I don’t win inside two or three rounds”

On his fight prediciton:

“I’ll be very surprised if I don’t knock David Price out in three rounds. I’ll be very surprised. I don’t want to beat him after he’s gassed out in six rounds, I want to beat him early on when people will give me credit for it. I anticipate beating him in one round. I’ll be very surprised if I don’t win inside two or three rounds. I think I will add to my highlight reel of KOs.”

“People wrongly, in my opinion, slate him saying he’s no good and he’s this and that but he’s an Olympic Bronze medallist, a British and Commonwealth champion. I’ve never done anything like that. He’s achieved far more than me. Beating him would be a career highlight for me. It was then and it still is now.”

On form heading into the fight:

“I believe at this time in our careers he’s on the slide and I’m on my way up. I’m too fresh and dare I say it I’m going to show something new on July 20. I’m going to be too fast as well. David Price would have probably beat me in 2016 because I was only 24 and I was still a novice. I’m a grown man now and I’m coming into my own. It’s come at the right time for me and the wrong time for him. I think this will be his final fight.”

On his next opponent:

“When I beat David Price it will be 5 good wins in a row. Ideally I would like the Manuel Charr fight next for the WBA regular. People might ask me why I’d want to fight Povetkin but I fought Dillian Whyte after ten fights. After 23 or 24 fights now why wouldn’t I want to get in there with the world’s best fighters? I want the biggest fights possible. I’ve got to beat David Price first but Manuel Charr would be my first choice, Povetkin would be the second.”

On the magnitude of this fight and his relationship with Darren Barker:

“This is the biggest fight of my career. This is the one that could really set me up for the rest of my career and life. Me and Darren have been grafting away behind closed doors. I’m always on social media because I’ve got too much time on my hands, but I’ve made a conscious effort to dedicate everything to this fight. I’ve been pretty boring for the past ten weeks but I think it will pay off.”

“Darren has been there and done it and he’s been where I am. He knows what I’m doing. There’s nothing that I’m feeling that he hasn’t felt before so it makes it easier for me to go to him with these things but knowing that he’s done it all as well.”

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