Former Love Island star Idris Virgo backs fellow boxer Tommy Fury to be victorious on the Island

By Chris Glover
Professional Boxer Idris Virgo has gone from strength to strength since his stint in the Celebrity Love Island retreat, where he appeared in last years hit series.
Virgo has since moved on with his professional boxing career since exiting the island, and the Birmingham super middleweight discussed how life changed for him after featuring on the ITV show.
Virgo said, “It was a good experience going on Love Island, but the reality was the girl I was getting on with was getting pushed on another fella by the producers, so that didn’t really work out but it was a good laugh.
“Things went crazy for me post love island. My boxing career really took off commercially, as companies approached me, my social media following went through the roof so it was a blessing as it’s given me the ability to focus on boxing full time with my trainer Anthony Hull.
“I’ve had lots of opportunities in and outside of boxing and I have to attribute that to my time spend in love island, so I am grateful for being given the chance to go on the series and it’s likely not the last time I will be seen on mainstream tv away from boxing.”
Virgo continued, opening up about his progression within the professional boxing game, “I’ve really had some great opportunities since love island as I’ve been able to box on the Ultimate Boxxer shows on BT Sport which I believe are a really entertaining platform as it’s not just a regular show it’s a night out. It has a bit of everything for everyone so it’s been good to build my career such exciting and entertaining events.”
One of Virgo’s fraternal boxing Brother’s is Tommy Fury who is currently starring in the hit tv show that’s gripping the nation. Virgo divulged his thoughts on Tommy Fury’s chances of winning love island and what he can expect after the show ends.
The undefeated professional boxer stated, “Tommy Fury has been great in there. He is a good guy in real life and has really been himself in there so I believe he has a great chance of winning the series itself.
“Tommy’s life will change when he comes off the island. He will have lots of endorsements and he will have a lot more eyes on his boxing career, eyes that probably haven’t been fans of boxing before. His life will change massively but I believe he won’t let the mainstream fame go to his head like some people do and he will use the experience to benefit his professional career in the same way I have.”
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