6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest
Darren Cunningham 122lbs        vs      Jonathan Lecona Rivas 121lbs4oz
Las Vegas, Nevada                                      Miami, Florida

Followed by

6 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest
Magomedrasul Majidov 227lbs   vs            Ed Fountain 240lbs 8oz
Baku, Azerbaijan                                        St. Peters, Missouri

Followed by

8 x 3 mins Super-Lightweight contest
Larry Fryers 143lbs          vs            Wesley Ferrer 141lbs 12oz
New York, New York                        Brooklyn, New York

From 7pm

8 x 3 mins Super Bantamweight contest
Murodjon Akmadeliav 123lbs 8oz              vs            Wilner Soto 122lbs 12oz
Namangan, Uzbekistan                                             Cartagena, Colombia

Followed by

10 x 3 mins Welterweight contest
Daniyar Yeleussinov 147lbs 8oz  vs            Reshard Hicks 147lbs
Berezino, Kazakhstan                                  Killeen, Texas

Followed by

4 x 3 mins Featherweight contest
Ray Ford 124lbs 8oz        vs            Rafael Castillo 122lbs
Camden, New Jersey                       The Bronx, New York

From 9pm

12 x 3 mins WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight championship

Michael Hunter 221lbs 8oz           vs            Sergiy Kuzmin 258lbs 8oz
Las Vegas, Nevada                                      Saint Petersburg, Russia

Followed by

10 x 2 mins WBO and interim WBC World Featherweight championships
Heather Hardy 125lbs 12oz          vs            Amanda Serrano 125lbs 12oz
Brooklyn, New York                                      Brooklyn, New York

Followed by

12 x 3 mins Interim WBC World Lightweight championship
Devin Haney 134.10lbs   vs            Zaur Abdullaev  134lbs 10oz
Las Vegas, Nevada                           Yekaterinburg, Russia

4 x 3 mins Lightweight contest
Christian Bermudez 133lbs 12oz         vs         Jonathon Conde 135lbs                                  New York, New York                                           Miami, Florida

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