NATIONAL TREASURE Ray Winstone admits he was worried about “stiff” Anthony Joshua after watching him lose his world titles but is now excited by the prospect of Fury vs AJ.

The ‘Sexy Beast’ star made clear who he thought would emerge victorious from the potential battle though, saying: “I think Tyson Fury is in front!”

The 63-year-old actor and boxing fan was a guest on Frank Warren’s Heavyweight Podcast when he was asked who out of the current crop of fighters impressed him.

Winstone took no time in plucking Fury’s name out the air and said of Tyson’s recent dominant victory over Deontay Wilder: “The way he boxed was fantastic, he’s a very clever fighter.”

He would go on to say that he thought The Gypsy King “absolutely destroyed” Wilder when they met on February 22nd.

Winstone also praised Fury’s domestic rival Anthony Joshua and his recent career resurrection, though conceded that he initially thought AJ was done after his brutal defeat to huge underdog Andy Ruiz Jr last year.

“He got to a stage where it looked like he wasn’t hungry anymore, wasn’t thinking anymore and he wasn’t boxing anymore.

He was leading with his chin and he looked stiff. I thought this kid was done, it’s over. He’ll get knocked spark out once he gets in with someone half useful.”

Despite his reservations, the London hardman was impressed with the way Joshua returned following that shocking defeat and said “he impressed me a hell of a lot.”

He added: “When he boxed to retain his title, he boxed a beautiful fight. Intelligent. He’d learnt.”

Clearly impressed with the state of British boxing generally, Winstone then gushed “our boxing is in a good place right now.”

Never missing a beat, host Adam Catterall put it right on Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren and said of a potential Fury vs AJ bout: “Ray wants the big one.”

Warren replied: “We want it. That’s the one that everyone wants to see. Everyone’s got an opinion on it. I spoke to Tyson on the phone this morning and he definitely, definitely wants it. He’s chomping at the bit.”

Optimistic of the chance to make the fight, Warren added: “Hopefully we can get that on!”

Right on cue, national treasure Winstone captured the mood of the whole nation when he simply replied “sweet.”

Sweet, indeed.


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