Juan Francisco Estrada and Carlos Cuadras promise civil war

This coming October 23, boxing fans will experience one of the most anticipated rematches, between WBC super flyweight world champion Juan Francisco Estrada versus Carlos Cuadras.

The Intrepid Mexican fighters faced and fought each other in September 2017, where Juan Francisco defeated Cuadras in a veritable thriller.  Today after almost three years, the rematch is a fact, and both have declared that this fight will be even more explosive, as the preparation of both fighters has been more prolonged plus even greater concerning intensity.

Carlos made it clear that he has one hundred percent overcome the problems he had with alcohol and drugs, which will make all the difference this time. At the Otomi high altitude training center, he`s  working with more Dedication  than ever, because his only desire is recover the Green and Gold Belt.

However, the task that Carlos faces is daunting, because Juan says hers never trained better, and is closely focusing, by meticulously studying Cuadras’ weaknesses.

Mauricio Sulaimán expressed his total admiration and respect for both fighters, who have always been a source of great pride for the WBC. He also commented that the fight they had in 2017 was marvelously memorable. So the rematch is a very important test for both of them. Whoever  wins, will face the mandatory contender, Thai Sriskaet Sor Rungvisai.

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