1. Eddie Hearn reveals Wembley Arena takeover

For all of Matchroom’s upcoming events, Eddie Hearn has revealed that they will be taking over Wembley Arena. From October 31st to December 4th, Matchroom will host Usyk vs Chisora, Taylor vs Gutierrez, Povetkin vs Whyte 2 and an unannounced card.

  1. Floyd Mayweather and Dylan Whyte rants

Both Floyd Mayweather and Dylan Whyte have had rants in the past 24 hours about varying topics. In an interview with Showtime, Mayweather decided to criticise boxing for the amount of belts and sanctioning fees, attacking the WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO saying it’s bad for boxing. Dylan Whyte took to social media to respond to David Haye talking about his fight with Povetkin. He tweeted “David whoring him self out again know one said nothing bout lucky punch”

  1. Dave Allen and Liam Williams updates

After his opponent pulled out earlier this week, Dave Allen will remain on the Usyk vs Chisora undercard and face 19-0 Christopher Lovejoy who has never competed outside of Mexico. As Mark Heffron vs Denzel Bentley 2 was announced yesterday for the British middleweight title, Liam Williams has officially vacated his title, Felix Cash will become the new mandatory for the winner.

    4. Amir Khan changes his mind on venturing into politics

After Amir Khan came out and spoke about potentially pursuing a career in politics to help Pakistan, he has since tweeted saying he will not be doing it. Khan said that after talking to his team, he will decline the offer to become involved in Pakistan politics. He also said that he would prefer to continue working with his charity, the Amir Khan Foundation and gave credit to Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan.

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