Prediction Game

The World Boxing Wall is home to the unique and highly competitive prediction game that allows you to test your boxing knowledge against friends and other fight fans.

How it works

We will announce on our Latest News page that a certain fight or multiple fights over the weekend will be subject to the TWBW Prediction Game.

If you click the link in the sidebar which says ‘Email me the latest boxing news’ then you will be notified by email which fights will be part of the predictor game so that you never miss an opportunity to score points. We will also announce on our Twitter and Instagram pages when there is a chance to score points.

The next Predictor Game will take place on 16th June 2018!

Fights that you need to predict are:

  1. Errol Spence vs Carlos Ocampo
  2. Josh Kelly vs Kris George
  3. Gavin McDonnell vs Stuart Hall
  4. Lewis Ritson vs Paul Hyland Jnr
  5. Arfan Iqbal vs Simon Vallily

If you then want to play then you need to submit your predictions to our email address at before 5pm on the day of the fight and it must contain the following:

  1. Who will be victorious in the fight (worth 2 points)
  2. The method of victory (worth 3 points)
  3. If you choose a KO/TKO/DQ/RTD then you must state what round it must occur but if you predict a points  win then you must state whether it be a unanimous, majority or split decision (worth 5 points)
  4. Your full name

You will not score points for choosing the correct ending of the fight if you picked the loser. To score any points, you must have got the winner of the fight correct.

To make it less complicated you can use this as a template for each fight:

  1. Fight winner =
  2. Method of victory =
  3. Round/points=
  4. Full name=

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment below and we will reply ASAP.


1 Comment on Prediction Game

  1. Henry Mann // June 5, 2018 at 3:00 PM // Reply

    Tyson fury tko round 7
    Terence Crawford tko round 10
    Jermell charlo KO round 9
    Leo Santa Cruz MD
    Terry Flanagan UD

    Liked by 1 person

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