EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Edwards discusses his new trainer, this year, Andrew Selby and his first professional defeat! @CEdwardsBoxing

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

We got the chance to speak to the former GB star and IBF world title challenger, Charlie Edwards when we discussed his first professional loss, his switch of trainers, sparring, 2017, Andrew Selby, his next fight as well as some predictions for up and coming fights. Read the full interview below!


TWBW: You are now being trained by Adam Booth. How did this come about?

CE: It came about when I moved back from Marbella so that I was a bit closer to home so I was looking around the London area for a coach really. I’ve always rated Adam and what he’s done with the likes of Ryan Burnett, David Haye, George Groves, Chris Eubank Jnr and Andy Lee just shows you he’s a really clever and knowledgeable bloke. I really respect him so I made sure that I tried him out before making a final decision and I went down to his gym and I instantly realised that’s I clicked with from the way I hit the first pad to the way he was talking to me and breaking things down, I just knew that this is the place I need to be and I believe that he will be the one to take me on and win that world title.


TWBW: Was the choice to move back to England anything to do with your first loss as a professional?

CE: It wasn’t to do with the loss as such, it’s just that I needed to freshen things up so I wanted to move back closer to my family and build my future because in span you can live the lifestyle but you’ve got nothing to put your money in to or anything like that. So for an all-around purpose, it made more sense to come back home to such an easy life.


TWBW: I imagine you’ll be able to get some good sparring in with Ryan Burnett as well, seeing as though he is also with Adam Booth?

CE: Yeah, I’ll be doing a lot of sparring with Ryan. He’s a great fighter and is knocking on the doors of world titles at the moment, just look at what Adam has done with him since they got together! He’s gone to the next level! I’m really looking forward to training beside him. There is also Lucian Reid and maybe even Mitchell Smith once he gets his weight down. It’s a great team and the whole gym is absolutely buzzing and we’re really looking to push for titles this year


TWBW: I take it you are still on good terms with Danny Vaughan and the MGM boys then?

CE: Yes, of course. I’m still managed by MGM and me and Danny parted on very good terms where he wished me good and I wished him good luck. It’s just the way things happen. I think he had to go to Glasgow and then back to Marbella so I didn’t want to be here and there for camps. I’d rather be settled and feel at home. Danny is a great bloke, he’s a friend for life and I really respect him. He’s a very good man.


TWBW: 2016 saw you have 4 fights and challenge for a world title, at just 23 years old. What was the biggest lesson you learned from 2016?

CE: That I’m not the finished article! I did jump in and give it my all in my world title fight but it just goes to show that there are levels to this game and I need to take a step back and develop myself as a pro instead of jumping up more than I should be doing. I need to stop pestering my team to try and push for fights and titles and just let them take full control and guide me because they have been there and done it all. I’ve got my team now of MGM, Adam Booth and Eddie Hearn and I believe I am going to go all the way to the top at the right speed. I showed that I will get in there and fight but it showed what I was capable of. Yes, I did get stopped in the 10th round but I wasn’t completely outclassed and I did show some great things in there which people didn’t think I could do. It was good and learned a lot from it. He was number 1 in the flyweight division and he’s just moved up to chase after Chocolatito so that goes to show I’m mixing it with the best but now it’s time to slow myself down to develop and I’ll get there.


TWBW: Is there anything that you regret in 2016 in terms of your boxing career?

CE: I regret nothing from my boxing career last year. I gave it everything and I was on a real high. I had good fights and I did really well. I showed people my heart and the fact that I will mix it with anyone, I’m not scared. I’m a hungry fighter and in 2017 I’ll bounce back even stronger but this time I will be guided in the right way. You’ll see me really develop as a fighter over the next few months under Adam, I really think it’s going to show.


TWBW: 2017, I imagine, is going to be another big year for you. Can we expect to see you in another world title fight this year?

CE: It will be a massive year for me! I don’t see why not but like I’ve said, I’m not pushing for anything now. If it comes up and Eddie wants it and Adam agrees with it then I’m up for it. I know Adam won’t let me jump in there unless he believes I’m going to take it and believe that I’m fully ready for it. If the opportunity comes up and it’s the right fight, at the right time then I don’t see why not.


TWBW: You always look in tremendous shape on fight week. Do you find it easy to make 112lbs?

CE: It’s not a struggle to make 112lbs but I’m a big flyweight. When I have an 8-week camp and I do everything by the book I can make it quite comfortably and I feel strong at that weight. For as long as I get 8 weeks to train for a fight, I’ll be staying at flyweight. There are two vacant world titles now so it would be stupid for me to step up but we will see what opportunities come up in the next year or so.


TWBW: There has been a lot of talk about a fight between you and Andrew Selby, is that a fight that you think could happen this year?

CE: He is someone on my radar and I want to fight him, I really do and I believe I will beat him. Like I’ve said, it’s not my decision anymore, it’s out of my hands. It’s down to Adam, MGM and Eddie Hearn and what they want me to do. If they want me to wait because they think it will be a big money fight down the line, then I’ll listen to them and I put my full trust into them. I’ve already proved that I’ll fight anyone! I got in there with the best in the world and held my own for 10 rounds so it’s not about avoiding him – it’s about what advice my advisors give me.


TWBW: Do you have any idea when your next fight will be?

CE: I have no idea as of yet but I’ve had hints that it could be the 27th February on the Hull card or it could be the 4th March on the Haye-Bellew card in London. It will be announced in the coming weeks.


TWBW: Who will win between Jack and Degale tonight?

CE: I think Degale will win! His awkwardness, as well as the shape he’s in now, will be too much. He looks a completely different bloke! He’s achieved so much being in the shape that he was in, where he was taking after his ‘Chunky’ nickname, but now he looks ripped, shredded and focused. I think he will make Jack look very ordinary as well! He looks ready and I really look forward to the fight on Saturday night!


TWBW: Do you think Carl Frampton will beat Leo Santa Cruz for a second time at the end of the month?

CE: Yeah, I think he will beat him again. The thing with Carl is that the way he boxes is based a lot on confidence, so now he’s already been in there with Leo, felt his power and beat him his confidence levels will be high! I think he will box cleverer this time by drawing Santa Cruz in, countering him and then moving off to make LSC chase him.


TWBW: What is your prediction for Haye vs Bellew?

CE: I really like Tony but it’s a big ask for him. I can see Haye beating him, to be honest. He’s jumping up in weight but Haye is a very slick operator and very clever who generates a lot of power. It will be a punch out and I don’t believe it will go the distance either way but it will be very interesting to watch the rounds that do get completed to see how it pans out but my head says,Haye. I do really like Tony so I don’t like going against him.


TWBW: Lastly, what’s your prediction for Joshua vs Klitschko?

CE: I think this one will be more of an interesting fight than a lot of people think. You saw what Fury did to Klitschko so I think that Joshua will storm through him. It will be a very tactical fight and they’re both very big men but Klitschko is too clever to let Joshua back him up and unload on him so we will see a lot of work coming off the jab. It will be very cagey in the first round but I do believe that Joshua will win.


We would like to thank Charlie for giving us some time to ask him a few questions as this wasn’t planned until the day which it took place #TWBW

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