By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

We were lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Matchroom’s new signing and former Olympic Boxing Team Captain, Anthony “The Machine” Fowler. He spoke to us about the lengthy process of turning pro, his new trainer and his prediction for tomorrow night. Read the full interview below!

How come turning professional with Matchroom Boxing took so long?

There was a lot of offers on the table for me and I didn’t want to rush anything. I wanted to take my time and see what offer was the best for me as a fighter. Matchroom Boxing are probably the best boxing promoters in Europe which means a bigger platform to help me to get where I am aiming for. I’m happy with the deal I’ve got and I can’t wait to get started now.

Why did you choose Dave Coldwell to be your trainer?

I’ve known Dave for years as a friend and I’ve seen what he has done for Gavin and Jamie McDonnell as well as Tony Bellew. He has a lot of time for me which is what I need, some coaches have loads of fighters and can’t give me the one-to-one time that I need to improve.

I saw that you went out to the WildCard, did you do any sparring there?

 No, I didn’t do any sparring but I did a few pads with Freddie and his brother though. I actually put a picture of me and Freddie on my social media accounts to wind people up a bit and tease them with the possibility of him training me for a laugh.

You’ve got a massive social media following, but you get some unnecessary abuse. Does it confuse you a bit?

 They make me laugh most of the time, the parody account one was funny! It can get annoying though when they are abusing me and my girlfriend but I’m always up for a bit of banter but when it starts getting personal and my girlfriend or family get brought in to it, that’s when I just block them.

How is the road to light middleweight going?

 Yeah, it’s getting tough now. I was at 78kg two weeks ago and now im down to 74kg, that shows that I can get it off easy. I’ve got about 7 or 8 lbs left to lose but on the day before the weigh-in, I lose around 4-5lbs in fluids. I will make it, it will just be hard.

How far do you think you can get in the pro ranks?

 I do believe that I’ve got everything that I need to the very top; the height, the reach, the power, the speed and the endurance. I’ve got it all there along with the pedigree from the amateurs but it is just down to me and how much I want it. If I want to become world champion, I can do it but I need to put the effort in and believe in myself.

How do you see Murray vs Rosado going on Saturday night?

 I can’t see past a Murray win. I’ve sparred Murray so I know that he’s got a good defence, he’s nice and tight and he’s a good seasoned professional. I think he will be a bit cuter and a bit tighter, hopefully, he will win by stoppage. I’m hoping Murray wins easy but we all know Martin is not shy of a fight but hopefully, he will be clever and not get involved but I wouldn’t mind if it was a war!

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