LIVE BLOG: Murray Vs Rosado Card

Going in to the last round and I have Fielding up on the cards – Ryder needs a KO to win! #TWBW

Round 10 to Ryder – It’s like someone just flicked a switch and Ryder all of a sudden starts letting his hands go, catching Rocky clean! #TWBW

Round 9 was the best round yet – Both fighters going for it on the ropes but nothing big landed, I think Rocky has a big lead #TWBW

Round 6 to Fielding – Failry quiet round but Rocky landed with some clean and crisp shots on the move #TWBW

Round 5 to Fielding – not much landed of not but Rocky was the busier and kept his jab going. Close round #TWBW

Round 4 to Fielding – Rocky is using his jab and feints to keep Ryder guessing and off balance. Great tactics up to yet

Round 3 was close – both fighters landing good uppercuts on the ropes along with body shots #TWBW

Round 2 to Fielding – landed some great shots when changing angles. Ryder is trying to walk down and counter Rocky but it hasn’t worked yet #TWBW

Round 1 to Fielding, he landed some good body shots and established is jab well #TWBW

Rocky Fielding vs John Ryder

What a fight! It started slow but soon caught fire, I have Sean Dodd up on my card #TWBW

Round 11 to Dodd – Masher is pulling away now on my card. Appleyard getting caught too much with big shots

Round 10 to Dodd – He’s staying out of the way of Appleyard on the back foot and being very awkward but it’s working a treat! #TWBW

Round 9 to Dodd – Finished with great body shots. Appleyard seems to be overthinking and smothering his work #TWBW

Round 8 to Dodd – What a fight we’ve got here! Appleyard has a chin made from granite! Great action #TWBW

Round 7 was the best round so far – Dodd landing some big shots and them Appleyard giving them back, hard to split them #TWBW

Round 6 to Dodd – That was great round with both fighters landing big shots but Dodd was the busier earlier on #TWBW

Round 5 to Dodd, his awkwardness is causing Appleyard some problems and Lee is finding it hard to land clean #TWBW

Plenty more action in round 4, I gave it to Dodd but it was very competitive. Round 5 coming up #TWBW

Round 3 to Appleyard – not much action in these rounds as they are waiting for one another to throw in order to counter #TWBW

Second round was hard to split, not much action or clean shots landed #TWBW

Round 1 to Appleyard, he rocked Dodd twice. Dodd is cut above the left eye which will do him no favours #TWBW

Now it’s time for Sean Dodd vs Lee Appleyard – I’m looking forward to this one!

And it’s all over – 4th round stoppage from Cordina against a game opponent. Exciting future ahead for the welsh lad #TWBW

Great third round from Cordina – showed power and accuracy! This fight is very close to being stopped #TWBW

Cordina picked up the pace in the second round and put the pressure on – his opponent doesn’t look sturdy #TWBW

Cordina taking his time to settle in to the pro game in the first round #TWBW

8:23 – It’s Cordina time! #TWBW

Tom Farrell get the decision win with a scorecard of 97-95 #TWBW

After 10 great rounds of action we go to the scorecards, this will be close I think #TWBW

A war broke out in the ring towards the end of round 9! Blood spraying everywhere and both men going for it, great round!

Round 8 saw both fighters landing flurries of punches. Farrell’s face is heavily blooded #TWBW

Yet another close round between Farrell and Carus in round 7, bot fighters taunting each other at times #TWBW

Carus upped the pace and landed more shots in round 6, very interesting 2nd half to the fight to come #TWBW

Farrell starting to land more punches as the rounds go by, Carus is losing his sharpness which was working for him earlier #TWBW

Round 4 turns out to be a bit of a chess match – both fighters waiting for each other to throw so that they could counter #TWBW

Round 3 was close as well – Farrell is getting caught coming in but landed some good shots changing the angles #TWBW

Very even fight after 2 rounds of Farrell vs Carus. Carus is using his long arms well #TWBW

Now it’s time for Farrell vs Carus

The referee scores the bout 59-55 to Ryan Mulchay to remain undefeated

6/6 – Mulchay finishes the fight on top. We go to the scorecards, I’m expecting a Mulchay win #TWBW

5/6 – Mulchay showing more good footwork and movement to win the round. His defence isn’t the best however #TWBW

4/6 – 10-8 round to Mulchay after scoring an early knockdown but Keates recovered well and finished the round trading big shots #TWBW

3/6 – Mulchay slightly wobbled but nothing serious. Keates started the round strong by Mulchay finished stronger #TWBW

2/6 – Mulchay has settled in now, catching Keates often with right hands and strong jabs to the body #TWBW

1/6 – Good movement and angles from Ryan Mulchay but he got caught a little too often wth silly punches #TWBW

Now it’s time for Ryan Mulchay vs Andy Keates over 6 rounds.

6:45pm – The referee scores the bout 59-59 a draw. I thought Janes deserved the victory but it was very close!

6/6 – Janes finishes strong in an absolute war! We go to the score cards #TWBW

5/6 – another all action round where both fighters looked tired but they were still slugging away. An upset could be on the cards here #TWBW

4/6 – Fourth round followed on from the third with lots of action. Not much technique on show but these are throwing everything at eachother

3/6 – What a round! All action with 99% of the punches being right hands and hooks, both fighters standing toe-to-toe and trading! #TWBW

2/6 – another messy round buy I felt that Janes nicked it in the away corner. Brogan needs to let his hands go more #TWBW

1/6 Scrappy first round between Brogan vs Janes. Both fighters landing shots but nothing of note #TWBW

6:08pm – We are waiting for the next fight to start which will be Steve Brogan vs Henry Janes

6pm – Ged Carroll has already got this great night of boxing underway with an entertaining 39-37 points win to move to 5-0.

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