GUEST ARTICLE: Garcia v Broner – The Good, The Bad and The Potentially Beautiful


By Gregory Doyle (@TheGreatDoyle)

Well first off, very quickly I thought I would introduce myself as I should have done this in my first article. My name is Gregory Doyle, 27 years old and I have 14 years experience of boxing. Ex-Amateur boxer, experience in corner work/training, a fan and now attempting to write about something I love and has been my passion since the age of 13 Thank you for reading my first article “Eubank v Abraham – Risk or Reward?” Also a huge thank you to The World Boxing Wall for this awesome opportunity to connect with you, my fellow boxing fans.

On Saturday July 29th boxing fans are in for a treat. The undefeated and frighteningly powerful Mikey Garcia takes on the talented but seemingly lost in life Adrien “The Problem” Broner at the 140lbs Super-Lightweight limit. For those of you reading who don’t really know a lot about the “beyond the ropes life of boxing”, this the potential to be the best fight of the last 15 years. The key word there is “Potential”. So why is it not a forgone conclusion that this fight will be classic? Where do  I start.

Adrien Broner on 3rd October 2015 became a four weight world champion at the age of just 25! Not very many fighters can say that but when his mind is right “The Problem” is a breath taking talent. The first time it seemed it was all going to come together was back in 2011 when Broner fought “The American Boy” Jason Litzau. Litzau a tough fighter from Minnesota had mixed in good company with likes of Robert Guerrero, Rocky Juarez and Celestino Caballero. This night though, Broner seemed to have “it” a phrase mostly used in boxing to describe when someone has an undescribable talent with endless possibilities. Broner mercilessly dispatched of Litzau in the opening round with a eye blurring flurry of shots which left Litzau slouched to the ropes visibly needing rescued from himself. From there on Broner looked a real pound for pound player. Picking up the vacant WBO super featherweight title in his next fight against Argentinian Vicente Martin Rodriguez before stepping up to dethrone teak tough Mexican Antonio De Marco for the prestigious WBC Lightweight title. Everything seemed to be all too easy for Broner until he decided to jump two weight classes and take on WBA Welterweight Champion known as “The Magic Man”. In June 2013 Broner took on Paulie Malginaggi, the very under-rated two weight world champion from Brooklyn, New York in what turned in to be a real grudge match. Broner looked lethargic, lazy and undertrained going into the fight which showed in his performance. Taking nothing away from Paulie, he fought a great fight and a few thought he had nicked the contest but it turned out to be Broners night and Broner had his third world title in as many divisions. However the warning signs were evident from this fight and Broner began to look like he expected his success rather than work hard for it. These suspicions became true in Broners next fight as he ran into another Argentinan, except this one was an animal with dynamite in either fist. Broners first defense was against Marcos Maidana a former WBA Light Welterweight champion who himself fancied a crack at the Welterweight division. Broners new found attitude appeared to be his downfall as he dropped a unanimous decision to Maidana whilst being knocked to the canvas on more than one occasion along the way. From then Broners form has been patchy with little improvement winning a few low key unanimous decisions before his second loss this time to “Showtime” Shawn Porter in another strange showing. Porter was a good champion in his own right but seemed come up against a lacklustre Broner. At one point in round twelve Broner looked a million dollars again, coming out the corner with a purpose dropping a feint before whipping round a beautifully timed left hook that dropped Porter to the seat of his pants. Again so frustrating because it almost seems when he puts his mind to it he looks great, but it was the same story too little to late. After this fight Broner dropped back down to Super-Lightweight and won his fourth world title in as many weight divisions with a great performance over the man who took Joan Guzmans unbeaten record Khabib Allakhverdiev, stopping the Russian in the penultimate round picking up the WBA Super-Lightweight title. Finally since winning that world title Broner did not defend the title and has ran into trouble with the law, coming back with two uninspiring  victories over Britains Ashley Theophane and fellow American Adrian Granados before signing up to fight his next opponent Garcia

Mikey Garcia himself is a three weight world champion and has yet to taste defeat in a unblemished yet also stop/start career. Garcia is a phenominal talent and rose to fame after winning a technical decision for the WBO and Ring Magazine Featherweight world titles (following a head clash that broke Garcias nose) against Orlando Salido. Garcia would rise to fame with an outstanding resume at Super-Featherweight that included names such as Juan Manuel Lopez, Roman Martinez who is known on these shores for knocking out Nicky Cook however coming up short against Scotsman Ricky Burns, taking the Puerto Ricans WBO Super-Featherweight world title in the process and outpointing Juan Carlos Burgos another tough Mexican. Garcia seemed to be going big places in a hurry accumulating an outstanding record of (34-0-0 28KO’s) and was also starting to become a very avoided man before disaster struck. Garcia became tangled in a very messy contract dispute, due to being unhappy with purses he was receiving, claiming he was being underpaid for his career fights with company Top Rank. This led to the fighter sue the promotional company owned by Bob Arum. The process got very messy and ended up costing Garcia two and a half years of his flourishing career before the parties reached a mutual agreement. An agreement that details have never been disclosed. Garcia returned to the ring on July 2016 and looked like he had never been away, taking apart Elio Rojas in five rounds before delivering what will very possibly be the 2017 knockout of the year against WBC Lightweight champion Dejan Zlaticanin taking the title and Zlaticanins unbeaten record along the way.

My thoughts on this fight will shock some. I truly believe if the very best Adrien Broner shows up in this fight he could take Garcia apart. Broners impressive combination pot shots, speed and powerful left hook could really give Garcia problems. Broner for me is arguably more talented than Garcia which is taking nothing away from Garcia, I just rate Broner very highly when he is at his very best. Broner on form for me is a cross between a young Shane Mosley with the intelligence of a Felix Trinidad. However, Broner is far too unpredictable and if he is anything less than his very best then he losses inside the distance for the first time in his career as I believe Garcia will chop him down before stopping him inside 9 rounds. The later is more likely but if both fighters are at their very best then I believe this will be one of the best fights boxing has seen in the last fifteen years. I hope you all make catching this fight a priority because this one could get very special. When the two fighter come together you have Garcia an all round good guy who seems to have had a stroke of misfortune in his career. Broner the fighter with all the ability with a seemingly bad attitude. Throw the two of them together and you could be looking at a potentially beautiful fight.

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