GUEST ARTICLE: Where Does Ricky Burns Go From Here?

By Dominic Long

Three weight world champion Ricky Burns is coming off a unanimous decision loss to fellow brit Anthony Crolla. Many are now asking where does the Rickster go from here?

Promoter of Burns, Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Boxing, has stated that he “would love to make the rematch between Crolla and Burns” with the possible location being talked about being Glasgow, which has led to Crolla and Joe Gallagher (Trainer of Crolla) both saying they are happy to take the rematch and to have it in Scotland.

Burns, 34, after the fight said he will be now campaigning at lightweight (135 pounds) “ I feel I’m more suited back down at lightweight and can make it comfortable”. With that being said, Crolla being the winner, has options which I’m sure him and his team will be looking into carefully, I personally see Crolla taking the fight with the most money whether that means he has to travel or fight in Manchester which is a great position for him to be in.

Burns on the other hand, even though he lost the decision, showed he still has the desire and the sharpness to compete at elite level of boxing an can still go on and be in big fights. Promoter Eddie Hearn has mentioned that America is an option for Ricky and that HBO are keen to have him on the network, which would be a big pay day for Burns if he decides to take that root.

Another option for Burns is a mouth watering fight with fellow scot Josh Taylor, which fans have been calling for for some time now with Taylor calling him out after fights and on social media. Taylor’s manager Barry Mcguigan himself has been very vocal on wanting the pair to clash, but the problem with making this fight is network issues and money for both fighters.

I personally would love to see to see the pair clash! Burns is with Matchroom who have a lucrative and long-term deal with SKY and Taylor is with Cyclone Promotions who have a fight by fight deal with Channel 5. I only see the offers coming from Matchroom and Eddie Hearn, because he has the backing and the money to make the fight happen.

Another fighter to be linked with both Crolla/Burns is Olympic gold meal winner Luke Campbell from Hull, who himself is also coming off a loss to lightweight Kingpin Jorge Linares who defeated Crolla twice in Manchester. Campbell, in recent interviews, said he loved to fight either Crolla or Burns, again this is an easy fight to make with Campbell also being with Matchroom and makes both fighters a lot of money.

My logical thinking tells me Burns will be fighting Crolla once more, and with some fans and pundits having the first fight a draw and with Ricky coming on very strong at the back end of the fight almost getting the decision warrants the rematch.

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