ICYMI – INTERVIEW – Ohara Davies: “Simms has all of them fighters in his gym as an insurance policy. He couldn’t give me enough time!”

By Dan Davies (@DanDavies98)

Disliked by many. Loved by few. Talked about by all. Ohara Davies (16-1, 13KO) makes his long-awaited return to the ring on Saturday night under the lights of Elland Road on the undercard of the IBF Featherweight title clash between Lee Selby and Leeds lad, Josh Warrington. After his outburst on social media last year, he was “thrown under the bus” by his former team which consisted of Matchroom Sport, Charlie and Tony Simms. Since then “Two-Tanks” has signed with Frank Warren and MTK Global and is looking to get his career back on track on Saturday night.

When I spoke to OD about his upcoming fight, he told me “I’m feeling in great shape, the camp has gone perfectly and I just can’t wait to get back in there on Saturday night”. This has been Davies’ first camp under his new team and when asked what has been different in this camp, he replied “This camp has been great because I have had a bigger say on what I do in camp and what I don’t do. If I’m feeling sore and I need time to recover then that is what I’ll do whereas with Tony Simms if I was feeling sore I couldn’t turn around and say I’m going to rest because he wanted me there”.

“This camp has been specifically for me! Before, when we were all in camp with Simms, it more of a standard camp for us all whereas I’m getting more attention and more time with my new trainer to work on things that I needed to work on. Tony Simms has too many fights in my opinion. He doesn’t have enough time to make sure that they all get the right training and attention that they need. If I’m being honest, I think they’ve only got that many fights for an insurance policy, so if one of the lads get beat then they can leave them and just concentrate on the others. I think Tony is a great trainer but they’re just covering their own backs”.

Since Davies moved over to Frank Warren, a fight that has been talked about a lot is the one with former British champion and undefeated talent Jack Catterall (20-0, 11KO). When asked about this fight Ohara said “That is a fight I’d love to have! Jack is a great fighter, but I will get in the ring with anyone and I would be more than happy to fight Jack. I’m not going to talk trash about him but I’ll let my fists do the talking and they’re saying “Goodnight” to Jack Catterall!”

Ohara and Frank Warren recently announced that he will fight Josh Leather (13-0, 6KO) on the undercard of the WBO middleweight title clash between Billy Joe Saunders and Martin Murray. “I’m excited about the Leather fight” Ohara started, “However, I’m not looking past Saturday night. I’ve made that mistake and I paid for it in the Josh Taylor fight”. When asked how the Leather fight came about “Two-Tanks” replied “I had never even heard of him before. I told Frank that I wanted to fight and that I will fight anyone! Give me King-Kong. Give me Bruce Lee. Give me anyone! Put them in the ring with me and I’ll fight them, I don’t care. Frank Came back to me with an offer to fight Leather on June 23rdso I jumped at it! Frank has been so good to me since I’ve signed for him, my fight got cancelled in April and Frank has put me on two shows in two months to make up for lost time! There is no other promoter who would do that for me. Before I signed, I had a load of people saying bad stuff about him and told me not to go with him but I’m happy I did, and it goes to show that you don’t have to listen to everyone in this industry”.

We would like to thank Ohara for giving us some of his time and wish him the best of luck for Saturday night and June 23rd.

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