The top 5 players for this weeks predictor game are as follows:

  1. Paul Mason with 25 points
  2. Thomas Lyons with 25 points
  3. Dan Davies with 20 points
  4. Tommy Burns with 20 points
  5. Oliver White with 20 points


The next Predictor Game will take place on 23rd June 2018!

Fights that you need to predict are:

  1. Josh Taylor vs Viktor Postol
  2. Daniel Dubois vs Tom Little
  3. Martin Murray vs Roberto Garcia
  4. Anthony Yarde vs Darius Sek
  5. Ohara Davies vs Paul Kamanga

If you then want to play then you need to submit your predictions to our email address at before 5pm on the day of the fight and it must contain the following:

  1. Who will be victorious in the fight (worth 2 points)
  2. The method of victory (worth 3 points)
  3. If you choose a KO/TKO/DQ/RTD then you must state what round it must occur but if you predict a points  win then you must state whether it be a unanimous, majority or split decision (worth 5 points)
  4. Your full name

You will not score points for choosing the correct ending of the fight if you picked the loser. To score any points, you must have got the winner of the fight correct.

To make it less complicated you can use this as a template for each fight:

  1. Fight winner =
  2. Method of victory =
  3. Round/points=
  4. Full name=
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