Decorated amateur Lee Siner to turn professional, will be trained by Terry Spencer

Decorated amateur Lee Siner is set to turn professional under the guidance of rising Merseyside and Cheshire based trainer Terry Spencer. 
Heavyweight Siner holds a fantastic amateur career, winning 31 of 37 contests which included 5 national titles for Liverpool’s famed Salisbury ABC, a Junior Olympic Silver medal for England, and international bouts all over the globe. He also won 3 NABC titles and a Junior ABA title for ‘The Solly’.
Siner opened up about his decorated amateur career and divulged his plans in the professional ranks.
The Merseyside banger said, “I did everything there was to do as an amateur. I boxed for Salisbury ABC which is one of the best gyms in Britain if not the best. So I have come from good schooling and I am ready to make a splash in the professional game.
“I boxed all over the world and at an elite level when I was in the amateur and at an elite level. I won Silver at the Junior Olympics in Michigan and won the Junior ABA’s in Britain as well. I won national titles as a schoolboy so I have the pedigree to make an impact as a professional.
“Having international experience as I’ve had can only help me moving into the pro game. The heavyweight division is buzzing right now, so it’s motivating for me to get in the mix with the heavyweight’s in Britain and show that I have a lot to give as a pro.”
Siner continued, as he discussed where he is at in life after years out of the ring and his link-up with trainer Spencer. 
He said, “I’m at a good place in my life right now and that is why I have made the decision to turn professional. I have had ups and downs in life as everybody has, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and the only way is up for me now.
“Teaming up with Terry Spencer has been a great help. Terry is a great coach and he gives his boxers 100%. That is all I can ask for right now and it is really motivating me to give everything I can to boxing with the time I have left in the sport.
“I feel fresh and Terry’s training really suits my style. So I’m feeling like I have years and years in the tank. I achieved a lot of success as an amateur so I’m hoping to attempt to emulate that success as a pro.”

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